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The Lamborghini OPPO Find X: Faster is always better

The future of technology has always looked bright as thousands of tech startups and companies battle to make tech easier, affordable and more efficient. Technology continues to evolve to improve the human experience through our experiences through technology.

With massive world changing breakthroughs such as driverless cars by Tesla or AI it is easy for big industry changing breakthroughs to go under the radar.

One of the most futuristic trends are mobile phones and notch-less screen. We saw the trend with Galaxy’s S8 and S9 and the iPhone X but Chinese phone manufacturer OPPO is shaming the competition with their newest flagship phone.

OPPO announced their plans to launch the brand-new Find X in the Middle East and Africa, the launch will take place on the 10th of September 2018 at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


The Biggest Screen to Phone Ratio yet

OPPO’s newest release breaks records from the two major phone manufacturers’ flagships.

The OPPO Find X introduces the Panoramic Arc Screen, “an all-screen display with no compromises.”

This new screen provides a 93.80% screen to phone ratio, according to the manufacturer, meaning there is more screen than ever. Compared to Samsung’s S9+ with 84% and Apple’s iPhone X’s 82.9%.

The Find X completely brings it out of the park, challenging the world’s two biggest phone manufacturers as the world’s 4th.

This pulls OPPO to the start of the pack with a whooping 10% more screen to play with. Luckily for users, it also has a great screen. With a new “Panoramic Design for Modern Elegance Inspired by Nature” and Multifaceted Color Process, the Find X looks to be a beautiful mobile experience.


Stealthy Cameras

An interesting feature by OPPO is their “hidden” cameras.

Most likely to make room for the almost all-phone screen, OPPO’s engineers have opted to hide the cameras inside the phone.

According to the brand, it uses an “innovative sliding structure that completely disguises the cameras within the body of the phone.” Looking like a secret agent’s device, after the users opens the camera app, the camera will slide up from inside the phone to be used.

This enables the phone to keep a sleek design alongside its notch-less style.

The phone includes a 25-megapixel front camera and 16MP + 20MP dual rear cameras.

OPPO’s Find X technological innovation

As the original patent holder, OPPO’s Find X uses a groundbreaking sliding structure that completely disguises the cameras within the body of the smartphone. When not in use, the cameras are hidden, providing a sleek and uniform exterior, however, when activated, the camera slides open making for a real show stopping experience. The stealth 3D cameras not only include the 25-megapixel front camera and 16MP+20MP dual rear cameras, but also a 3D Structured light module.

Just two months after the launch of Find X, competitors have taken note of OPPO’s technological advancements, with Huawei Honor Magic 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 stepping onto the scene with their own attempts of notch-less phones and sliding cameras.

The LamborghiniOPPO Find X is fully charged in 35 minutes with Super VOOC

It’s called Super VOOC, a new fast battery charging technology, and it’s exactly what we’ve been crying out for. How quick? Lamborghini quick. From zero to 100 percent in 35 minutes.

Alongside releasing their new phone, OPPO is also collaborating with Lamborghini to show off their new Super VOOC flash charging technology. OPPO’s collaboration with the legendary speedster company means that charging your phone is like the charging bull of Lambo’s logo.

It’s fast and charging ahead at full speed, charging a full mobile battery in just 35 minutes.

OPPO’s flagship is rushing ahead at full speed with this technology, and also brings the “Automobili Lamborghini Edition.” The special edition, alongside Lamborghini, supports the SuperVOOC Flash Charge technology and shows off a gradient carbon fiber texture on the back.

The phone manufacturer has also stated that “OPPO and Automobili Lamborghini will explore the possibilities of using OPPO VOOC technology in Automobili Lamborghini sports cars.”

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