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Juhayna turns employees into brand heroes for International Volunteer Day 2019

In an economy that focuses mainly on consumer spending habits, some sales driven brands race daily for higher sales numbers, leaving the consumers behind without creating an emotional connection.

Many successful companies have focused a lot on advertising campaigns while genius brands tend to invest slowly but surely in creating shared value (CSV) tactics to strengthening the connection with the community where do they operate and payback to the consumers they trust.

Referring to a study conducted by Harvard Business that the companies who sell the most are the ones with the best reputation.

CSR (corporate social responsibility) aims for encouraging the company to make a positive impact in their community, employees, investors , consumers and society. We often usually witness initiatives regarding the community support in the season of goodwill Ramadan. But how often should the CSV (creating shared value) be put into the action to effectively spread the change, Juhayna adopts csv to maintain sustainability and increase the positive impact a company can have on its the community.

International Volunteer Day: Driven By Motivate and Reward

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is a global celebration of volunteers. It takes place every year on December 5 to shed the light on the impact of volunteer efforts everywhere. Volunteers are leading social change around the world.

As successful brands always find fulfillment in serving their communities. Juhayna just proved to be one of them by capturing the annual event of International Volunteer Day to express the brand culture in a new campaign of featuring Juhayna employees to give back to the community and transcends the compassion to the communities where the company operates.


احتفالا باليوم العالمى للتطوع، أطلقنا برنامج جهينه الداخلى للتطوع من أجل مجتمع أفضل.

Posted by Juhayna Corporate on Friday, December 6, 2019


Juhanya is well known for their initiatives, with a long list of projects ever since the company was established. This time they have taken it to a new aspect by involving their employees to participate in the projects and to change and effect the communities they belong to. Integrating the social responsibility behavior to their fundamentals is a big step. Taking in consideration that these individuals will be a source of influence to others.

Employees volunteering impact on productivity and discipline:

Employees feel a sense of pride and excitement when they participate in volunteer or charity activities. When you get your employees involved in giving back, you influence them to make an impact on the lives in their community and around the society.

Employees who got involved in the volunteering programs usually deliver higher performance which is linked to the countless benefits of volunteering and keeping high spirit at work.

Volunteering plants a greater sense of responsibility in addition to personal discipline, gratitude and self-worth. It has also added to their personal skills, whether it was leadership, communication, problem solving or teamwork the change was hands on.

Juhayna’s cooperate internal volunteering program consisted of three main visits. Firstly, juhayna took its employees to Emad EL Ragheb orphanage; where they spent a full day with the orphans. The second visit was at Juhayna’s HQ, where the blood bank were present and Juhayna’s employees donated their blood to help make a change. Lastly, the visit was to Baheya Hospital.

Starting a new decade with great intentions:

Apparently, 2020 is the year of change and good as we can notice. many big corporates are thriving for positive change whether adopting sustainable behaviors, establishing office environments or doing community work.

The question is why our workforce are not volunteering yet. And what are you as an employer are doing about it

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