Ramadan 2017

Joint Ramadan campaign supporting local businesses with color in Heliopolis and Zamalek

Within the Heliopolis and Zamalek areas, local stores are suddenly being given a makeover. Some stores have received the loving treatment of being repainted with bright colors and clever designs; including a carpenter with floating furniture, and a local dry cleaner with dancing clothes.

Stores all around the two areas have started to be transformed from their original boring and forgettable states to bright, smile inducing displays of fun and spontaneous explosions of creativity. Although seemingly random, each repainting has highlighted the business and function of the business.

In a time in which many small local businesses are being pushed out by bigger and more successful companies, the added color may help these small businesses attract new customers and become more memorable in the future.


Bringing a basic marketing tool to the masses; the people behind the colors

Local businesses have been taking hit due to the massive exposure, and marketing, of global international companies and corporations. The local carpenter has no chance when facing Swedish furniture giant IKEA in terms of exposure, as well as marketing efforts and budget.

The people behind the fight for local businesses is a partnership between Egypt Yellow Pages and Art Khana, a non-profit organization dedicated to the arts and making a difference. The two companies have reached out to one another with the aim of helping the small local businesses of Cairo, by providing them with a new look and helping provide a new perspective for potential customers.

The campaign “See with Colors,” #شوفهم_بالألوان , aims to improve the public’s perceptions of local businesses through bright and colorful colors and designs, acting as the main message of their joint Ramadan campaign. This easily follows through with Art Khana’s philosophy of “art can make a difference” meeting with Egypt Yellow Pages’ philosophy of “local, small businesses are the backbone of our economy.”


Marketing and brand awareness through colors and attention

Marketing through colorful and attractive colors and designs has been part of the marketing methods around the world for centuries.

Stores found that it was easier to attract customers when their stores stood out, and painting bright colors and putting type or a simple design (such as a hammer for a blacksmith) soon became a popular method to capture customers. This was where many believe Branding started. (Many also believe it started in 2000BC, when farmers started branding animals with a mark.)

Currently, local businesses in Egypt have been challenged by larger and stronger companies that have the budget to hire marketers to brand their companies and products/services. This makes it difficult for local businesses to capture the attention of potential customers, especially with old and bare looking stores.

Local businesses avoid marketing due to cost, but with this new campaign by Art Khana and Egypt Yellow Pages, local businesses may be able to attract more new customers.

The campaign, with their use of color and simplistic designs, may be the answer many small local businesses are looking for; an easy yet low-cost way to brand their stores in some way, increase local awareness, increase store location memorability and to increase traffic and sales.


Have pictures of some of these newly painted stores? Share them with us in the comments with the hashtag #شوفهم_بالألوان.

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