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Innovating the industry: Cannes Lions gets local representative in Egypt

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is one of, it could even be said is the, biggest awards event for the marketing and advertising industry. Every year, thousands flock to the coast of France, where creative and business meet to appreciate those that pushed for innovation that year.

Inspired by the famous Cannes Film Festival, it is said that cinema screen advertising contractors wanted their ads to be recognized and thus created the international advertising festival.

The power of Cannes comes from its reputation of quality, innovation, and inspiring healthy competition, and now Cannes Lions is coming to Egypt to bring that heat to our industry’s belly.


Getting the Worx

Egypt finally has a local representative for Cannes Lions, who will be helping launch the brand in Egypt.

Local leading events and consultancy agency, The Worx, has just been announced as the exclusive representative of all activities performed on behalf of Cannes Lions in Egypt.


According to a press release, “the role of The Worx as the Official Festival Representative includes, holding local ceremonies, initiatives, training sessions, creative nights, local competitions, Young Lions competitions, Lions School trainings and much more.”

Mai Salama, Managing Partner of The Worx stated, “the representation is a new milestone for The Worx and we are proud to be the official representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Egypt. This opportunity will allow us to unveil the next generation of young innovators through workshops and competitions that will prepare the best of them for the global festival.”

Philip Thomas, Chairman, Cannes Lions, added, “Our Festival Representatives span over 90 countries around the world and connect us with the industry we serve. We’re delighted to welcome The Worx into this network and look forward to building ties with, learning and getting inspiration from the Egyptian creative community. Their experience, expertise and passion is exemplary and will be a great addition to the Cannes Lions community.”


Lifting the local competition

Speaking with Think Marketing Magazine, Mai Salama states that she hopes that bringing the international creativity brand will bring back Egypt’s advertising and marketing industry back to its old glory.

While Egypt is still considered the top advertising hub, in the MENA region, our competitive streak against international brands is not as strong as it once was. Although some local agencies compete internationally, with some winning Cannes Lions, the majority of the industry has stalled.

The Worx hopes to nurture this potential and develop new opportunities for growth for the Egyptian creative communications industry with their new representative status.

The Worx will be currently focusing on educating the next generation of marketers in order to grow a better industry for the future. They will soon be announcing Young Lions and Cannes Lions School, where young marketers and entrepreneurs will be able to get international and local help in improving their work.

They will provide independent, generalized creative education that include a mentorship program to improve applicants’ portfolios, a competition that aims to develop communication skills, as well as workshops offering diplomas and executive training to guide strategic thinking and leadership.

Although there is no official word that they will be bringing the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to Egypt any time soon, the brand’s partnership with the Worx is sure to heat up local advertising and marketing competition in the event that there will be one.

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