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How Garnier Keeps Creating and Innovating for Green Beauty

A couple of years ago people started to be aware of the danger of plastic on the planet and on the environment, and that there is a huge amount of waste that can be recycled to benefit other industries. There were so many initiatives regarding this matter and many brands decided to give up the plastic material in their products.

Garnier is one of these brands and it has started an initiative called ‘Green Beauty’ to radically reduce the brand’s Global Environmental Impact.

Brand Transparency

Garnier understands exactly what’s needed to propel their authenticity and honesty. When a business is open about its operations, it can earn a level of the consumer’s trust that wouldn’t have established otherwise.

Part of the brand’s transparency is holding a digital press conference explaining all details regarding the ‘Green Beauty campaign and the process it will be following to achieve its goal by 2025. the conference also included some of the partners that will be helping Garnier with recycling and reducing plastic usage.

The Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility Manager of L’Oréal Egypt, Nahla Mokhtar Agour said, “Garnier is committed to lead the sustainability in the mass market. This conference is one of many steps Garnier in Egypt is engaging and raising awareness of consumers”

The brand has taken a part in the process of making the planet and the environment better, therefore, it wants its customers to know its plans and its impact on the planet. Garnier’s initiative Green Beauty has a clear and transparent sustainable report on the brand’s commitment and anyone is welcome to view it through the brand’s website.

This report will show the process of Garnier step by step for reaching its 2025 goals, and the work that has been completed with the help of the experts and scientists.

Know more about L’Oreal 2030 Vision “L’Oreal for The future through this website.


Developing Eco-designed Formulas

Garnier has been producing more natural products for years now and it was the first brand to present certified organic skincare products to its consumers. Now Garnier wants to go further and make a change in the beauty industry to lead it, therefore, it is using key technical innovations to create formulas that will be all based on natural ingredients.

By the year 2022, Garnier will sustainably source all of its plant-based and renewable ingredients and the brand’s plan is to have products that have an improved environmental profile by 2025.


Integrating Brand Mission With Clean Planet

While Garnier’s mission and strategy are mainly focusing on offering all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation, the leading brand is now adopting a new futuristic approach to satisfy the women across the globe with all their beauty needs and keeping the planet clean.

Garnier’s mission is to make its products depend more on natural formulas to earn the customer’s satisfaction and trust. While achieving this goal, the brand wants to make this planet clean; so, it is working on a process that will have an impact on the environment and by the year 2025, as it will adopt the idea of recycling and reusable materials.

Also, by the year 2025, the brand will depend on renewable energy which will result in 100% Carbon Neutral industrial sites.

Adrien Kosakas who is Garnier’s Global Brand President said the following, “Green Beauty will transform the way we do business. Developed with the help of our partners, researchers, and customers, this initiative highlights a range of ambitious goals, underpinned by tangible targets. We pledge to lessen our impact on the planet and innovate for a sustainable future. It will take time, but Green Beauty will transform Garnier, and we hope the beauty industry as a whole.”

Garnier’s Journey for Zero Plastic 2025

The brand has put a plan to reduce its plastic usage to reach zero virgin plastic usage in its products by the year 2025. This means that Garnier will depend on recyclable or reusable materials in its packaging, which will save 37,000 tonnes of plastic every year.


How Garnier Is Utilizing Green Chemistry As The Future Of Beauty

Proposed in the late 1990s by American chemists Paul Anastas and John C. Warner, and then L’Oréal popularized the twelve principles of Green Chemistry to be more respectful of the environment.

The brand decided to develop real-time analysis methods to prevent pollution and to develop safe chemistry to prevent the risk of accidents. Also, it adopted the principle of designing safer and effective but less toxic chemical products, designing of substances by integrating their final degradation mode, and The design of synthesis methods that are not dangerous for humans and the planet.

The brand also wanted to reduce the number of derivatives in order to limit the production of waste and to reduce energy expenditures. In addition to that, the brand is using renewable natural resources rather than fossil fuels and it is using catalysis (a reaction in the presence of a catalyst which saves time and energy).

One of the twelve principles is the abandonment of solvents and synthetic auxiliaries or the choice of harmless options when they are necessary and the limiting of pollution at the source so as to not have to dispose of waste later on.

The brand is using the atom efficiency in order to implement methods that incorporate all the materials involved in synthesis into the final product.


‘Solidarity Sourcing’ Will Help Empower Communities

Garnier’s plan includes a program called ‘Solidarity Sourcing’; this program will help 800 communities worldwide by the year 2025.


Garnier invited many people to join its first “International Green Beauty” Digital Conference

Many people were interested in the E-conference including many influencers. Garnier has invited influencers who support sustainability, natural and green beauty as they can put the campaign on the scene to raise awareness and to open people’s eyes that we have the ability to live and enjoy our daily life without damaging our planet; the brand also invited other influencers who are working closely on Garnier.


Our planet and environment need this type of initiative to help make it better. We are looking forward to Garnier’s journey and we hope to see more brands start similar initiatives.

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