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How Coronavirus Could Kill and Create New Jobs

The whole world was turned upside down ever since the Coronavirus started to spread and affect each part of it. To force people to stay home due to the fast spread of COVID-19, almost every country in the world forced a curfew to be able to contain the virus.

The curfew had caused people to lose their jobs and for workplaces to shut down until further notice. Yet, the spread of the virus and people being obligated to stay home, made them look for other solutions, which are to work from home or learn new skills, to make the best out of this quarantine time.

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If we were to look into the current situation, we would find that the existence of Coronavirus could kill many jobs that we rely on and could create or arise the popularity of other ones.

Business leaders are wondering whether the market drawdown truly signals a recession, how bad a Covid-19 recession would be specially few days before Ramadan.

Coronavirus effect: Will work-from-home kill jobs?

If the Coronavirus kept spreading and people were obligated to stay home for a longer time, this could put a temporary end to certain jobs and entities that rely on the physical existence of its employees.

If you noticed, we are right at the begging of this process; the curfew had caused some places to shut down since its employees can’t operate from home.

Some businesses already created the setup to work remotely in few hours, some wouldn’t afford the work-from-home scenario.

For a digital media agency, it would be easy to create and operate the work-from-home protocol as all what is needed to get your job done is a laptop and internet connection, but what about factory and industrial lines?

With no doubt working from home is not a one size fits all scenario and maybe at a certain point, robotics and drowns might be the solution to replace human factor for many businesses.

Jobs that Could be temporarily killed by Coronavirus

Roughly 5 million people in China lost their jobs in the first 2 months of 2020.

Dan Wang of The Economist Intelligence Unit expects that 9 million people in China’s cities will lose their jobs this year as a result of the virus’ impact.

Economists have suggested that over 18 million Americans who work in leisure, food and travel industries could see threats to their job continuity this year as businesses scale down or even close to avoid huge losses that continuity would entail.

This virus will lead to the end of social places, like restaurants, cafes, malls, sports clubs, movie theaters and any place that includes social gatherings. With these places shutting down, a lot of people will lose their jobs, like waiters, chefs, and every job title these places depend on; basically by time, these jobs won’t seem to exist if this virus kept spreading.

These are not the only jobs that COVID-19 could end; there are some critical jobs that could be put on hold for a long time and that will cause a lot of damage.

Critical Industries Could be Damaged

Many companies are taking precautions against the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. For example, jobs that could be temporarily killed are those related to aviation and airport, since it is required to stay home and to avoid social interaction, there won’t be any flights, which is the current situation but it can go for a longer period of time which will cost the country a huge economic loss.

Also, jobs related to the media and filmmaking, all of these industries and titles could end in a blink of an eye if COVID-19 was not contained.

Global oil demand is expected to decline in 2020 as the impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the world according to latest report by the International Energy Agency’s latest oil market forecast.

The situation remains fluid but the impact on hotels, cruises, tourism destinations, and other sectors of the travel industry reflect a severe downturn.

How Coronavirus is Creating New Job’s Opportunities

On the other hand, at the same time, COVID-19 might be ending some jobs even if it’s for a temporary time; it’s creating others.

The concept of virtual communication is spreading as fast as COVID-19. Since employees are working from home and important meetings are being held online, this will spread the idea of working remotely.

The jobs that won’t be affected as the previous ones are the digital jobs. As it is known that Digital communication and social media are dominating every angel of our lives; with the pandemic virus, it became obvious that the digital field is almost the safest field since you can get your work done from home, and your job won’t be affected.

Coronavirus will actually create more jobs in the digital field and will encourage more people to join. Even though we are in the middle of the crisis, a digital advertising company can still hire people to work from home and no one will be harmed.

Also, the situation will encourage people to learn new things online; So, The concept of virtual learning and the digital field will be ahead of the curve and will attract more employees than ever.

One of the things COVID-19 could actually end is the idea of working full-time for some certain companies. Due to the recent circumstances, every company proved that work can be done from home and no need for an office; therefore, we might witness a change of work process when this crisis is over.

Which industry do you think will be most affected negatively and positively by the virus?

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