Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

The world has gone into a huge change since COVID-19 had happened. Ever since serious precautions were forced to be taken, companies have decided that employees would work from home so everyone can stay home.

Ever since the decision was made, people had been writing about it on social media sharing their experience in quarantine time.

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As much as working from home sounds perfect and has many advantages, it has some disadvantages; but let’s start with the top 5 pros of working from home and then we will get to the top 5 cons.

1- Flexibility

Working from home can give you a little bit of flexibility, you don’t have to be sitting for 8 hours straight on your desk; sometimes it is easier to just take your laptop and work from someplace else.

For example, some people enjoy listening to music while working. If you are working in an office, you might disturb others with that; but working from home will give you the opportunity to get your work done in every possible way you like.

2- Saving Money and Time

A lot of people spend a huge amount of money on transportation, not to mention that it consumes a lot of time.

Working from home always gives the privilege of saving money; instead of spending them on transportation and junk food, you can actually save this amount of money to yourself.

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Also, not taking transportation will spare you some time; you get to start and finish your work on time and have the rest of the day to yourself.

3- Doing Your Job Comfortably

The pros of working from home are that you don’t have to dress up every time you have work. You can finish your tasks from anywhere you want, you can be in bed in your pajamas, eating your favorite snack and still manage to get the job done.


4- More Focus

Working in an office will expose you to many distractions, your colleagues will be talking, someone is laughing, or others are playing music; but at home, you can set up your place to avoid any kind of interruptions. You have the chance to isolate yourself during the working hours to finish your tasks.


5- Less Stress

Working in a place where you can be comfortable and be yourself without any judgments will make you less stressed. You’re avoiding distractions, side talks, or having someone checking on your tasks every second. You’re also free to take a break whenever you want to reduce the stress.


Although the pros of working from home seem great you will face some difficulties as well.


1- Lack of Creativity

If your work depends on creativity and brainstorming then you might find it difficult to do so while working from home. Brainstorming needs the whole team thinking together and sharing ideas and you might not be able to do that on your own.

Also, going to work every day and seeing different things and people activates your creativity. So, at some point, you will feel less creative.


2- Boredom

As much as having noise at the office can make lose focus, it still entertains you on some level. At work, you can spend your break with your colleague talking or catching up but that can’t happen at home; especially on those quarantine days, you will feel bored more than ever.

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3- Communication issues

You might find it hard to communicate with your colleagues or manager. Since communication will be online along with your meetings, you might face some issues trying to reach your manager or colleague. If your questions are answered within seconds in the office, it will take some time to have it answered from home.


4- Facing Disconnection

One of the cons of staying home is having issues with an internet connection. Since we’re in quarantine, everyone is literally online. If your family is big and they’re all using the internet, then you might face some difficulties staying connected; something you barely face working from the office.


5- Ruining Online Meetings

We all know how this might go. Your online meeting can be ruined if your kid walks in or by having some family member calling your name to ask you to do something, so, your meeting will be ruined not to mention the embarrassment you’ll face.

We wish everyone to be safe in this quarantine time and to make use of it. You can learn new skills to improve yourself because time is all you have.

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