HOHOs new advert: A big hit or big miss?

HOHOs, the cylindrical cake brand that we all fell in love with and grew up eating. A couple of days ago HOHOs released a new commercial delivering a message that they changed the wrapping’s design and the cake rolling. The ad is so simple and straight to the point but that wasn’t all.

هوهوز … مفيش أحلى من كده

اللفة اتغيرت فغيرت حاجات كتير.. إلا طعم هوهوز #هوهوز_مفيش_أحلى_من_كده

Posted by HOHOs Egypt on Saturday, February 1, 2020


What did HOHOs try to say?

As it was mentioned that the new advert was about the change that HOHOs made to the wrapping and the cake rolling, instead rolling it from the right, they rolled it from the left.

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The message was delivered in a sarcastic way stating that this small change moved the company to a better place in sales, and work environment as employees are much happier, feel healthier and look better.

Social Media -The Audience Mixed Opinion

HOHOs’ ad went viral on social media causing a division between its audience, marketers and copywriters. Some actually liked the ad and thought it was funny, simple and straight to the point while others thought that it lacked creativity, concept and simply unnecessary.

The moderation team on the other hand are replying to the objecting comments with “We’re not trying to deliver any message, we’re just letting you know that we made some changes to the cake”.

In the end, we don’t always share the same opinion, different opinions make you understand people’s taste and also make you learn.

What about you? Did you watch the new ad? Give it a go and let us know what you think.
Are you with the new roll or with the old one?

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