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Twinkies Egypt has a white heart but Donald Trump doesn’t?

The most stellar Egyptian attribute is humor, Egyptians can make fun of almost anything, this is how they keep on going, facing and overcoming any obstacle on their way.

This is why the Egyptian adverts is significantly more humorous than any other advertising campaign across MENA region.

Twinkies Egypt taking humor way too far?

Back in June, in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Barak Obama took a swipe at Donald Trump when Fallon asked Obama if he had watched news regarding Trump in the past week, Obama responded he had been watching “orange is not the new black.”

May be Twinkies newest Chocolate and Strawberry products’ advert, is trying to use the same humorous idea to introduce the new flavors while tweaking the concept to be aligned with the brand slogan (#لسه_قلبها_ابيض) entitled as “Twinkies still has a white heart”.

توينكيز اكسترا بطعمين جداد فراولة وشوكولاتة

عشان مفيش علاقة صريحة مابين اللون والقلب الأبيض .. توينكيز نزلت طعمين جداد فراولة وشوكولاتة وتوينكيز #لسه_قلبها_ابيض

Posted by Twinkies Egypt on Monday, March 20, 2017


Twinkies’ tagline is “Twinkies still has a white heart” #لسه_قلبها_ابيض  referring to the creamy white filling of the iconic golden sponge cake.

Since Edita’s strategy is to “introduce new and innovative products aligned with changing consumer trends” so introducing the chocolate and strawberry flavors is to be expected but involving Donald Trump in the campaign was a surprise.

Twinkies released an advert that transfers the literal meaning of “white heart” from the creamy filling to the new Twinkies products, done in a witty way as “white heart” means in Arabic, someone who is good-hearted, white as in pure of good thoughts and intentions.

تامر هجرس ودونالد ترامب لونهم برتقاني بس واحد فيهم بس قلبه ابيض ياترى مين ؟شوف الفيديو من هنا وانت تعرف:توينكيز #لسه_قلبها_ابيض

Posted by Twinkies Egypt on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Touching upon a somehow sensitive subject that involves political point against Donald Trump intentions as the advert discuss different races and people and distinguishing which might have a white heart (good-hearted people).

Twinkies and Native Americans have a white heart but Donald Trump doesn’t?

Twinkies pointing out that there is no direct connection between the outer color and the inside goodness of a person.

This is a marketing portal, not a political one. But we wonder why the adverts label Native American’s as white heart as well as, Japanese Ninjas, the Chinese farmer and Tamer Hagras unlike tante Enas, the white shark and Donald trump not so white-heart.

Later on, Twinkies made a new video interviewing Donald Trump copy with main focus on Twinkies new flavor launch while avoiding any political gestures or issues related to Donald Trump controversial topics.

حوار حصري مع ترامب

ترامب لونه برتقاني .. طيب ياترى قلبه ابيض ولا لاء؟ وجيه مصر ليه ؟توينكيز عملت انترفيو حصري معاه علشان نعرف عمل ايه في مصر وماتنساش تشوف ترامب في اعلان توينكيز الجديد من هنا:توينكيز #لسه_قلبها_أبيض

Posted by Twinkies Egypt on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Donald Trump?! yes, Twinkies went there!

Egyptians won’t miss a chance to make fun of a controversial figure… But!

There are simple recommendations that apply equally to all forms of advertising. Marketers should avoid trying to associate their brand names with things that have no relevance to what they offer.

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There is nothing in the advertising codes that prevents advertisers from using religion or politics to promote their brands. However, Marketers are urged to exercise common sense and restraint in how they apply it.

Marketers should avoid offence and controversial topics like politics and religion in marketing campaigns. There are subjects that should not enter into your company’s marketing because they are too controversial.

Most of these no-nos apply to all businesses, irrespective of size. Let us know what you think, did Twinkies take it too far?

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