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Hazem Emam goes red with Vodafone

Football legend Hazem Emam, the creative playmaker who spent most of his career as an attacking midfielder for Zamalek SC. As, probably, the biggest telecommunications provider in the country, Vodafone’s power (and budget) is virtually unlimited.

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On the other hand, Hazem Emam is one of Zamalek’s all-time golden boys. Hazem Emam goes red… Maybe we just do strange things for family!

Going Red for Family

Hazem is one of the most talented players in the history of Egyptian football, Emam already holds allot of nicknames including Zooma El Fanan (The Artist), El Embrator (The Emperor) and The Little Fox.

As one of the most popular players ever in the Middle East he has been a vocal supporter for the white side all his life, Hazem is a member of a family that has served the White Knights for decades, Hazem was lucky enough to follow in the steps of his father Hamada Emam (former Zamalek and Egypt star in the 1960s) and grandfather Yahia Emam (former Zamalek and Egypt goalkeeper in the 1930s).

He is one of the few players with total respect across all Egyptian football fans equally. Worth mentioning that El Zamalek players wore a T-shirt that had his number on it and words “Don’t retire Hazem” in the warm up before the game after announcing his retirement .

Today he appeared on Vodafone’s clearly red focused new advert featuring Vodafone Red Family. The ad emphasizes the importance of family, how having a family changes one’s life. An ironic point, as Vodafone is Ahly’s biggest sponsor. Released as a monochromic video, the ad contains brief glimpses of red during all of its scenes.


Red Family

عيلتك واخدين منك حاجات حلوة كتير خليهم ياخدوا حاجة حلوة كمان. ڤودافون بتقدملك Red Family حاجة حلوة ليك ولعيلتكلاضافة عيلتك ل Red Family إطلب #41* أو زور تطبيق Ana Vodafoneللمزيد كلم 800 او زور

Posted by Vodafone RED Egypt on Monday, July 24, 2017


Now with less and less concrete ties to his former team, Emam has shown that he doesn’t mind a little bit of red for Vodafone. Hazem Emam’s father appearance in the advert made us remember Vodafone’s 4G campaign when it featured how the next generation will transcend by transferring the power from one generation to the other [#جيل_بيكمل_جيل] in an ultimate mix of an emotional journey and an alluring sceneries.


Hazem Emam advertisements:

Hazem was known to be very shy as a child but the stylish and talented play-maker successfully developed a new career outside the football pitch. Hazem cooperated with many brands before Vodafone including Pepsi, Head and Shoulders, 57357 Hospital, Samsung and Clear Shampoo.

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Emam’s retirement from ALJAZERA sports TV channel (currently BeIN Sports) increased his credibility and with 1.1M followers on Instagram and more than 614K fans on Facebook, Hazem Emam is a valuable asset to any brand.

Emam is considered as one of Zamalek’s best ever players, having led the club to a host of titles (4 league titles, two Egypt Cups, two Egyptian Super Cups, two African Champions Leagues and one CAF Super Cup).

Are you a football fan? How do you feel about Hazem Emam’s appearance on Vodafone’s ad? Let us know in the comments below.

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