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Food Delivery in style; Uber Eats launches in Cairo

After months of rumors and speculation, ride-sharing service Uber has finally launched their stand-alone food delivery app Uber Eats in Cairo!

“We’ve revolutionized the way people move, now we’re transforming the way people access food,” said Rodrigo Arévalo, Regional General Manager, Uber Eats Europe, Middle East & Africa, Uber Eats.

Uber Eats Egypt Launch

أوبر إيتس وصل القاهرة! 🎉 حمل تطبيق #أوبر_إيتس الجديد على تليفونك علشان تطلب أكلك بسرعة أوبر. احنا دلوقتي في مناطق (زمالك، جاردن سيتي، وسط البلد، منيل، دقي، عجوزة، مهندسين، جيزة) تابعنا على Uber Eats Egypt علشان تعرف آخر الأخبار و العروض. 📱🏍 نزل التطبيق من هنا ubr.to/ordereats

Posted by Uber on Sunday, May 6, 2018


“We’re excited to be launching in Cairo today. People in the city can now use Uber Eats to choose from hundreds of dishes to get the food they want, when they want it, delivered at Uber speed – whether that’s at dinner at home, lunch at work or a snack when out with friends.”

Uber’s app launched with over 100 restaurants immediately available to order from, with an estimated average of 40 minutes delivery time.

What makes it different from other delivery apps?

Delivery men won’t get lost with their own GPS navigator, and users will also know where their food is using the same GPS tracking system as the ride-sharing app. No restaurant will be too far, users will probably be able to order from locations normally outside their delivery range.

Deliveries also have a customized drop-off, in case you’re in the park or want to pick it up in front of the mechanic’s garage.

Uber Eats is currently available in Cairo’s inner suburbs, such as Dokki, Mohandisin and Qasr Al Ayni.


Meeting local expectations

Although Uber Eats is an international brand, Uber has been consistent with ensuring localization when it comes to their apps.

“Just like on our rides business, we know the importance of building technology to meet the everyday needs of locals… by investing in redesigning the app to offer customers the local experience they expect,” Stated Arévalo.

To prove their point, the Uber Eats app gets its first ever redesign to provide Arabic for Egyptian users.

Cairo will also be the first city to have the cash payment available in Africa, in recognition of Egypt’s cash-focused economy.

Local restaurants are also featured in the app to foster local growth, “[we can] help local restaurants connect with more customers, with the technology and data to help them access, adapt and thrive in the growing food delivery market.”


The App

The app’s key features are the ability to schedule orders up to a week in advance, a customized drop-off option if you want to get it somewhere special, a GPS tracker so you’ll never lose your food again, ordering while in an Uber could guarantee food in front of you as soon as you step out of your Uber.

There will also be the normal food app features such as food recommendations and ratings within the app, and food filters to get the right food for your food or dietary needs.

You can download the app now on ubereats.com.

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