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FLO joins Ramadan 2018 season with extraordinary advert story

FLO is notably one of the fast growing brands taking an impressive 1% of the market within 1 month of production. The beverage brand has been swiftly positioning itself through its charming design and slogan “Unique by Nature.”

For their first ever year in the Ramadan Advertising Superbowl, the newly established brand has aimed directly for the top with a moving tribute to one of the least talked about issues within the country.

Down Syndrome continues to be a tough subject that isn’t often talked about, much less discussed and advertised openly. Statistics and numbers of exactly how many it affects in the country remains hard to find.

FLO focuses its first entry in the Ramadan race ever on opening up the Down Syndrome community, by reminding us that they are special not incapable.

Content Analysis With Elaboration on Select Elements:

The campaign is an influential stereotype breaker, targeting stereotypes that children and adults who have Down Syndrome are incapable of being creative talents.

FLO’s decision to start off their first ever Ramadan with such a powerful emotional campaign shows how serious the brand is about positioning itself as the water for the modern population.

FLO’s branding is very concentrated on its unique product designs, promoting itself as the fresh and progressive water for the modern-day person. The product’s packaging has not only been unique, but also trendsetting in its own way, with a focus on fun graphic doodling design.

Unique By Nature

The CSR campaign fits the premium water brand’s “Unique By Nature” positioning. The brand is both promoting its own uniqueness and encouraging uniqueness in others, whether you have Down Syndrome or not.

The full advert was made by special talented Down syndrome individuals. The voice-over by one of the talented Down Syndrome community members is touching, and is a part of the overall narrative that the campaign aims to spread.



The soothing music theme is as beautiful as the full advert mood. Also choosing an incognito NGO to partner with was such a smart choice and an important element to differentiate the brand from the normal Ramadan clutter.

These individuals are unique by nature and are capable of doing whatever they set their mind to, and that we should embrace all kinds of uniqueness.

Special design and special promotion for the holy month:

This isn’t the first, and probably not the last, time that the luxury water brand has changed their products’ packaging due to a change of season to deliver the brand communication message.

A special Ramadan design is released alongside the campaign and has been created by another young talented member of the Egyptian Down Syndrome community.

There has already been a Kid’s edition and a Special Spring design that was recently released by FLO.

FLO will also be offering a 20% discount for its 1.25L box of water, which when bought will also send another 20% to the Zayee Zayak foundation to help 10M children.

What do you think of the campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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