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Egypt Launches New System for Trademarks Protection

CAIRO – The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade of Egypt announced the launch of a new system for activating protection of trademark in Egypt.

This new system is one of different initiatives adopted by the Ministry to enhance the confidence in the national economy, and protect the consumers, investors and producers rights.

The new system aims to protect the Egyptian consumers against counterfeit, imitated and expired products. On the other hand, it will protect the investors from having their trademarks counterfeit or plagiarized.

It is worth mentioning that the new system will be implemented starting from September 2015, through a special electronic system allowing the consumer to obtain information about the expiry date of products they buy, and whether such products are original or not.

In this regard, a stringent punishment shall be applied in case of selling counterfeit products; up to a one-year imprisonment or a fine of L.E 50.000.

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