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New Coca-Cola campaign to send you to watch Premier League in UK

Coca-Cola has a long history in supporting football on both local and global level. The brand got a global recognition for football fanatics by building a long history as the official sponsor for FIFA since they first advertisement campaign at the FIFA World Cup™ 1950 in Brazil.

For the Egyptian market, Coca Cola kept celebrating and iconic football moments by developing culture-centric campaigns for the national team specially when it comes to Africa Cup of Nations.

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Coca Cola focuses on the football approach whenever developing a marketing approach for the Egyptian market advertising strategy as the brand always decide to rethink their ideas for sports partnerships and mix the national uprising spirit in Egypt to support the national.

The brand long-term investments in football relevant campaigns has been developing over the years to make sure that a can of Coke will always reserve its seat in every football gathering.

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To further strengthen Coca-Cola brand link with football, Coca Cola has become the official soft drink partner for the English Premier League in a bid to bring fans closer to the game.

It’s no secret that Egyptian football lovers showed more interest in the English Premier League since our beloved star Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool FC last June 2017.

Drink & Win: Coca Cola love for football just got bigger

The giant beverage company passion for football just got bigger. The Premier League and Coca-Cola have announced a new three-and-a-half-year partnership, started in January 2019.

This Premium League season, Egyptian football fans will have the chance to win a full-package prize includes flight tickets, accommodation, EPL match ticket, exclusive match experience.

متابع الدوري! طب ورينا شطارتك وقولنا حصل ايه في اللقطة دي؟ ادخل على اللينك ده: وتوقع نتيجة الماتشات علشان تسافر تتفرج على ماتش في الدوري الانجليزي مع كوكاكولا.

Posted by Coca-Cola on Saturday, December 14, 2019


To participate, in the digital-based prediction game created by Coke, all you need is to predict the match score to collect points and become one of the top scorers to attend a Premiere League match with Coca Cola.

Enter the number of points you would like to play with & predict the upcoming matchday’s score. Based on the match results, your points will either be multiplied in case of correct prediction or remain as is if your prediction is incorrect.

Predictions will be closed before the upcoming match day by 1 hour.

Up for it? The only thing we have to do here is go to the official Coca-Cola website and play the game.

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