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Challenging Socioeconomic Status: “Mahgoub Shabab” makes it simple!

Mahgoub group launches its youth program, Mahgoub Shabab; a program that is proposing a solution to help Egyptian youth through the economic frustrations of today, to improve their tomorrows.

Why make things complicated? Their newest ad, launching its Mahgoub Shabab program, asks. Make it easier from the start, it states at the end, and that is what the company’s newest program is aiming for.



The ad is chockfull of insightful scenarios related to today’s youth socioeconomic status. From vampire in-laws sucking out every piaster, to trying to get approval from everyone in both families. The ad shows us not only the classic issues that have always been there, but coupled with today’s tougher than ever prices.

Why does it have to be so complicated?!


“Mahgoub Shabab” Program:

The youth program was created as a plan to help youth get through the economic crisis; with prices rocketing sky-high, today’s youth has had to hold back on certain necessities when it comes to their new homes, or even starting offices.

“Mahgoub Shabab” is a program that promises to provide aid to those in those circumstances. With its three categories, the program will be providing a wide range of their products with a specific price range that young adults will be able to reach.

With insane prices and no increase in base salaries in sight for most people, programs like these give us a bit of hope for the business industry.


The question is, could they help us with everything else too?!

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