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Creativity in 2012: 10 Advertising Campaigns Aired 10 Years Ago

As it is very common that people to love nostalgia and always yearn for the past, we decided that today we will take you on a journey to visit 2012.

Some of us can’t comprehend that 2012 was 10 years ago because we can barely believe that 2020 ended 2 years ago as we actually still process what happened since 2020 started. 2012 had some of the best advertisements and if you don’t remember them, we will remind you of 10 adverts that were aired 10 years ago!

So, put your seat belt on as we are going back 10 years ago.


1- Vodafone 2012

This campaign was aired during Ramadan 2012 and it was a very funny one. The campaign included 5 adverts and if we’re not wrong, you were probably waiting for each copy to see what happened to the actors and what the story was.

The telecom company collaborated with many legends like Samir Ghanem, Farouk El-Feshawy, Karima Mokhtar, Samy El Adl, and many more.


2- Orange 2012

We bet you started singing the song once you saw its name. This jingle-based advert went viral back in 2012 and everyone was singing its jingle as it was catchy and gave people a sense of unity.

We can frankly say that Mobinil has always released jingle-based adverts and they have always gone viral.


3- Etisalat 2012

Everyone loved this campaign and it went viral for quite some time. This is one of the best campaigns that Etisalat had launched and back in 2012 many people used it as a meme and it was posted everywhere.

The campaign included a number of copies, here are some of them.


4- Coca-Cola 2012

Coca-Cola collaborated with the icon singer Nancy Ajram and released a jingle-based advert.

The advert was liked by many people and the jingle was catchy and attention-grabber. We would love Coca-cola to bring back those glory days of creative adverts.


5- Freska 2012

This advert was one of the most famous adverts until this very day. This advert made a huge buzz when it was aired and went viral even on social media; in fact, it was used as a meme all over Facebook. It was one of the funniest and people absolutely loved it.

We know what you’re thinking, you can’t believe this aired 10 years ago! We can’t either.


6- Max-Bon Ice Cream

Another advert that went extremely viral.

Max-bon was one of the funniest adverts that people just loved and laughed their lungs out over! Just like Freska, this advert was used as a meme all over Facebook and people shared it everywhere.


7- Chipsy x Ahmed Helmy

Chispy and Ahmed Helmy collaborated many times and released multiple adverts together.

This was also one of the best adverts Helmy worked on.


8- National Bank of Egypt

This campaign was very popular in 2012 and when we saw the advert we instantly remembered it.

The campaign was one of Tarek Nour Communications’ successful campaigns and it won AME International Award.


9- Juhayna Mix

Who knew that the actor Bayoumi Fouad was actually in this advert.

This was one of Juhayna’s best campaigns; it was hilarious and also gained many people’s admiration. The campaign included a number of copies, the most famous one featuring the hilarious actor Bayoumi Fouad.


10- Moro

Another funny advert made a huge buzz in 2012. Moro launched one of the funniest campaigns in 2012 and it also grabbed the attention and went viral.

The campaign included many copies but you probably remember laughing at this one.


Tell us what other adverts you remember from 2012 and which one of these is your favorite. 

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