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Creative Industry Summit- Ramadan Edition 2017; bringing business and creative together again!

Ramadan has come and gone, yet as with every year, what remains is the marketing aftermath. The learning curb that all MENA marketers must deal with. This year, the Creative Industry Summit sought to solve and answer our questions through a Ramadan edition of their event.

The event, held at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, was filled with a crowd of industry professionals and icons of all sorts of creative fields. Bringing together a multitude of marketing professionals, wannabes, trying-to-bes and budding marketers with bright futures.

The Creative Industry Summit came together with a plan, to be the center of creativity in MENA, and created this Ramadan edition to help the different creative industries come together, and understand the numbers and data behind Ramadan 2017.


Case Study by FP7/CAI on EG Bank’s advertising campaign which was recognized as the most successful campaign in the banking sector in Ramadan 2017

The 9-hour event was filled with speakers from different categories of creatives. From digital marketers to advertisers, from content creators to film and TV directors, the summit was able to provide a wide range of information and data across different sectors.

The Superbowl of the Middle East, Ramadan has always come with different limitations and trends than the rest of the year. This also means that it takes a special approach to understand it.


Creative Industry Summit- Ramadan Edition 2017

Here are some of the interesting tidbits and quotes we enjoyed from yesterday’s summit.


“50% of ad budgets got moved to Ramadan by the 90s,” “Ramadan has always been about entertainment content.”– Sahar El Zoghby (Managing Director of FP7/CAI)


“[On focusing on Mobile Advertising on Facebook and Instagram.] Use as much of the screen as possible, and use movement.

Use white boarders if you have to. Don’t allow yourself to compete with others [such as cute cat videos]. “- Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising MENA, Facebook)


“[On client briefs and creativity] “’we want a song’ or ‘we want a 40 second ad with its cut outs,’ as long as this is the brief that comes, or this is the kind of discussion that is happening, never will anything change.

We expect different results, but [on what the clients ask for] we do the same thing over again” * – Reham El Sawy (Managing Director of Mindshare Cairo)


“[To clients about client briefs] Please, I beg you, please don’t make it difficult by giving us 15 to 20 objectives in your brief. It’s called a single-minded objective” * – Amr El Kalaawy (General Manager of FP7/CAI)


“Total Views during Ramadan of both YouTube and Facebook are around 300 million views [298,963,368 during the presentation slide], with Facebook dominating views with around 73%.”* – Hesham Shata (CEO and Head of Think Marketing Lab and Ramadan Hub)


“We love Marketing and Advertisements, but still, we should never stop trying to do good and changing lives” – Ramez Youssef  (Co-Founder of Tayara)


“There is a risk that TV channels lose their credibility with the big advertisers in the market due to the obvious conflict of interest in the monitoring reports and the regulatory bodies supervising these TV channels”  – Hany Shoukry, Chairman and CEO, JWT Cairo

*These have been translated and paraphrased from Arabic


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