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Creating Content For Social Media? Here Are 8 Tips To Put In Mind

One of the main factors that can stabilize a brand’s existence on social media is content creation. Content creation is the main element in every marketing strategy and it is one of the best ways to form a bond between the brand and its customers.

The brand’s social media content can earn the customer’s loyalty as it speaks to them directly; it is considered to be the representation of the brand.

Creating content for social media sometimes can be tricky, especially for those who are about to start their content creation career. Either you’re a beginner or have been doing this for years, today we will be telling you few things to put in mind whenever you’re about to plan your next content calendar.



1- Which Platform Are You Using?

The first thing to put in mind when you’re creating content is the platform.

Each platform has its own type of content! In other words, if you’re using Instagram then you will mostly depend on visuals, either videos or pictures, but if you’re using Facebook then you have to focus on both visuals and written content.

The same goes for Twitter, since it has a certain number of characters, you have to create content that is short and straightforward.



2- The Audience

When you think about your audience, there are many things to put in mind, such as, who they are, their behavior, their preferences, and many other things.

Who is your audience? The answer to this question depends on the brand and product you’re writing content for. You have to know who your audience is, which segment you’re targeting, and if they’re females or males; this will set the base of your content.

Your content must be relevant and your customers must relate to it; this means that when you create content, it has to urge your customer to engage, by either a comment, like, or share.

Also, one of the things that comes to your mind when you think about your audience is how to build a bond with them. What can help you form this bond is speaking directly to them.

In other words, your content must be direct, the customer has to feel that you’re asking them this question or telling them this information. This can make them feel that you as a brand care about them as individuals.



3- The Brand’s Tone of Voice

Never use a different tone other than your brand’s original one.

When you create content for social media, it has to go in parallel with the brand’s tone of voice. If your brand uses a formal tone, then make sure your content is formal; this means that you can’t use slang or use jokes or memes in your content.

The tone of voice is what shapes the identity of the brand, so make sure to keep it as it is.



4- Always Be Creative

Creating content mainly depends on creativity; you’re not just writing captions, you’re the owner of the idea.

Some people think that writing content is just writing a caption for a post, which is completely wrong. You’re responsible for the whole idea of the post along with its caption. This means that you’re the one who comes up with the whole idea, the design’s idea, and the caption.

So, when you’re going through this process, make sure you’re thinking of something creative; this is the basis of creating any content.



5- Create Social Media Campaigns

You don’t have to launch campaigns every time you work on new content, but it should be in your mind.

Social media campaigns attract more customers and it takes many steps but it is essential. They always revolve around engaging with your customers and make them participate. There are many ideas for social media campaigns; the one thing you have to be careful about is how you implement them.




6- Engaging Posts and USG Are A Must

Your content has to vary, it can be informative, it can be user-generated content, but most importantly, it has to be engaging.

Engaging and USG content will attract more customers to your brand, and this is what every brand wants. Engaging posts will help you communicate with customers and will help you get to know them more. After getting to know your customers, you will find yourself creating content that meets their interests and behavior.

Also, user-generated content or (UGC) will make your customers feel special since it is one of the best ways to communicate with them. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, if your favorite brand reposted what you said about them, you will feel more loyal to it.



7- Keep Up With The Trends

Keeping up with the trends and generating content based on these trends is a plus.

You can use trends in your content only if your brand allows; you can’t use these trends or memes in real estate content or something more professional. So, if the brand’s identity allows some sense of humor then you can definitely benefit from these trending topics.

You can also seek references from similar brands to get inspiration.



8- Make Sure Your Content Plays A Role In The Community

Every brand and every content has to have a role in the community. No matter what your product is, you have to be part of the community. Your content can raise awareness regarding a certain topic or even something that is happening in the country.

For example, when COVID-19 started to spread, every single brand, big or small, had an important role and started to raise awareness.


In the end, being a content creator is one of the best jobs you can ever have; as tricky as it gets; it still has its own fun and own personality.

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