Creating A Successful Advert: 8 Steps To Show You How

Have you ever wondered why some TV commercials succeed while others fail even if they present a creative idea? The creative idea is not the only factor that can make your advert successful; in fact, there are many adverts that terribly failed just because the idea was not implemented in the right way.

So, aside from the creative idea, there are many factors that can make a TV advert succeed and as a copywriter, you should be considering these factors while coming up with the idea.

If you’re a copywriter, here are 8 factors to put in mind when you’re creating a TV advert.


1- What Does Your Audience Love?

The first lead to creating an advert is knowing what attracts your audience and this requires a detailed study of your target audience.

Every brand has an analysis of its target audience; you should have this analysis and think accordingly. You need to grab your audience’s attention and you can do so by implementing something they love and relate to in the advert.

For example, if you’re promoting a product for children, then you can add in the advert something the parents would relate to or a song that reminds them of their childhood.

This is one of the ways to grab their attention.


2- Choosing The Right Appeal

TV commercials depend on one or more advertising appeals, so, you have to choose the right one.

There are many advertising appeals; depending on your product and your target audience, you can decide which advertising appeal you will use. These appeals can lead you to the direction you will use in the advert and can even lead you to the idea itself.

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3- Tell A Story

A storytelling method is one of the effective ways to grab attention.

People enjoy stories and in fact, the storytelling method is one of the effective factors that can make an advert memorable. A story can also make your advert more relatable, which can make the audience remember it.


4- Create Characters And A Theme

Characters and themes make the advert more relatable.

Have you ever related to a character in an advert? This actually happens a lot and it usually goes viral on social media and it is guaranteed you came across a number of them.

Also, you should decide the theme you will be using in the advert. For example, some copywriters love using the nostalgia theme because it is the most guaranteed factor that grabs attention.


5- End It With A Call to Action

Encourage your audience to take an action and use your service.

What do you want people to do after seeing your advert? This is how you should end your advert.

A call to action can urge the viewers to take an action and use your service or product. So, make sure the advert shows the qualities of your brand so the viewer would feel that they need this product.


6- Relevance

Your advert might be a masterpiece but if it’s not relevant to the brand or the product, then it might fail.

Your advert’s idea should be relevant to your brand; don’t make the viewers ask “What is this advert trying to say?” Relevance will make your audience understand the message from the advert.

So, don’t just bring a celebrity and cast them in the advert just to go viral. If there’s no relevance between the idea and the product, it won’t succeed.


7- Represent Your Brand’s Personality

The advert should reflect your brand’s persona and voice.

If you noticed, each brand’s advert you see reflects the brand’s persona. For example, if you took a look at Mercede’s adverts, you would see that they reflect its persona, which revolves around elegance, being classic, and so on.

If you checked ToDo’s adverts, you would also get an idea of the brand’s persona.

So, make sure when you create an advert for a brand, you show its characteristics so the audience would get an idea of the brand’s persona.


8- Think About Diversity

Your adverts are being viewed by more than your target audience.

You should put into consideration that everyone will watch this advert so, while trying to reach your target audience, don’t prove the other viewers.

Some brands didn’t put diversity in mind when creating an advert and the consequences were really bad as the brand received a huge backlash from people.


If you rewatched your favorite adverts and analyzed them, you would find that they depend on a factor or two from the ones we have just mentioned. 

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