13 Types Of Advertising Appeals Copywriters Use To Create Adverts

Have you ever asked yourself what is so special about this advert? Or how could copywriters create relatable adverts?

The success of any advert doesn’t just depend on the direction, shooting, or script, it goes beyond this! Every adverts goal is to connect with its target audience either by laughing, crying, or triggering their sense of belonging.

All of these different types of adverts you are seeing on TV or any digital platform are called appeals; there are many types of advertising appeals and we will tell you 13 of them.


Consider The Two Main Appeals

Before we start, you have to know that there are two main categories of advertising appeals, Emotional Appeal, and Rational Appeal.

Emotional appeal depends on using imagery, delivering messages, or musical appeal, while rational appeal depends on facts, statistics, logic, or reasoning to urge people to take an action.

The emotional appeal includes many appeals, here are some of them


1- Humor Appeal

Adverts that depend on the sense of humor grab the attention of an organic audience but it takes true talent to create a funny advert. If you think creating a funny advert is easy, think again. It’s not easy to make someone laugh; there is a fine line that could turn an advert from being funny to dull and lame!

Sometimes the exaggeration or the huge effort to make a funny copy could reverse, so as a copywriter, you need to be careful.

Here’s an example of a funny advert.


2- Fear Appeal

Adverts that depend on the fear appeal urge you to take a certain action. If you’re a brand and you want to raise awareness around a certain topic, you might want to trigger your audience’s fear so they can take an action.

Brands that depend on this factor are usually organizations, hospitals, or medical; sometimes cosmetic brands.


3- Sexual Appeal

All of the adverts you saw starring a beautiful model depended on the sexual appeal.

Remember AXE’s adverts and how they always delivered that when a man smells good, he will attract women; this is what sexual appeal is. Sexual appeal is also used in promoting perfumes like Boss, Dior, and Burberry and lingerie like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein.


4- Music Appeal

Many adverts use music; in fact, it is one of the most attention-grabbing factors. The music energizes the viewer and inspires them to take an action and buy the product. These types of adverts can live longer than any other and if you think about it, you would find that you remember many jingles from adverts even from your childhood.


5- Personal Appeal

Personal appeal triggers emotions by making you relate to something on a personal level.

If you ever related to an advert that discussed a certain feeling, issue, or situation that you’ve been through, then it’s using personal appeal.

6- Romance Appeal

Every advert revolves around a love story, it is using romance appeal.

In fact, we have come across many adverts that depend on this appeal; it always triggers emotions and goes extremely viral.


7- Social Appeal

The social appeal makes you feel that you’re a part of a group or that you’re not alone in who’s going through a certain situation.


8- Endorsement Appeal

Endorsement Appeal is when a brand collaborates with a certain celebrity to push a product.

In fact, most of our adverts depend on this appeal as brands collaborate with actors, singers, and even football players.

So, every piece of advert that features a celebrity is depending on endorsement appeal.


As for the rational appeal, it includes the following appeals:

9- Rational Appeal

Rational appeals discuss authentic and logical topics with statistics and numbers so the target audience can evaluate the product and identify its value.

The difference between emotional appeals and rational appeals is that emotional appeals can be manipulative in some ways to convince the audience to buy the product while rational appeals depend on authenticity.


10- Pain Solution

Pain solution focuses on solving a problem people face.

This appeal and the brand focus on how to solve the problem rather than the product itself.


11- Contrasting Appeal

This type of appeal is when two brands keep competing with each other publicly.

We have seen many wars between brands to show how their product is a lifesaver. This appeal is an attention grabber as the audience always waits to see how the brands can top each other.

For example, we have the adverts for Persil and Ariel.


12- Statistics Appeal

This is one of the best rational appeals as it is speaking with numbers.

You can find this appeal in every advert talking about statistics, for example, in adverts that talk about the danger of drugs, adverts that talk about female genital mutilation and breast cancer.


13- Beauty Appeal

Brands use this appeal to show the beauty of their product without any technological interference.

They promote their product as it is without using photoshop or similar tools; they depend on lighting and styling the product.


Which one of these appeals do you think is the most effective?

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