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Coca-Cola Egypt launches its unified marketing campaign under the “Taste the feeling” Slogan

Coca-Cola Company has announced during a unique press conference its new marketing strategy under the new slogan of “Taste the feeling” which formalize and shapes a new shift in its strategy. This comes along with the global strategy of Coca-Cola.

In the light of this context, Ahmed Nazmy, marketing manager in Coca-Cola Egypt, Libya, Yemen and South Sudan has stated that ” Coca-Cola always looks and searches for all what is new in order to develop its strategy all over the world, which abides by its customers and consumers needs and the market which it operates in. this comes as we are introducing a newly unified campaign under “Taste the feeling” which aims at pleasing all tastes for all customers globally.”

Nazmy also confirmed that the strategy under such slogan solidifies the idea that drinking Coca-Cola is purely a pleasure that combines into each of the daily moments of an individual.

Youssef Ayoub, Coca-Cola marketing brand manager pointed that the company has witnessed over 130 years 8 different marketing milestones, starting in 1886 under the slogan of “Drink Coca-Cola”, all the way to ” Always Coca-Cola” in 1993. In 2009 the “Open Happiness” was a major shift, and today in 2016 Coca-Cola surprises the market with the new “Taste the feeling” slogan.

Coca-Cola Egypt launches its unified marketing campaign Taste the feeling Press Conference
Coca-Cola Egypt “Taste the feeling” marketing campaign launch press conference

Ayoub added that the shift in Coca-Cola’s strategy to the mentioned slogan targets to have a plot or storyline that reflects the international story of the relation between the product and the customers hearts, which reflects all aspects. This implies that the product is present in all moments and in all its advertising campaigns represented in its different products such as Coca-Cola, Zero and Diet which also strengthen the fact that it fits all its consumer’s life aspects.

It is worthy to mention that a part of the ads will be launched during the upcoming “Taste the feeling” campaign which will be revealed throughout all media outlets in the upcoming days.

On “Taste the feeling” Strategy

With the beginning of 2016, Coca- Cola Company has launched its new marketing strategy under the slogan of “Taste the feeling” globally. This step represents a new leap in the Company’s strategy which is a unified strategy for all the Coca-Cola’s products such as Zero, Diet.

“Taste the feeling” Campaign launch in Egypt

Coca-Cola is launching its new marketing campaign under the slogan of “Taste the feeling” in a press conference with the presence of all media outlets. The press conference has mentioned the different strategies that the company has taken over the last 130 years. The Management board of the company is still eager to find new strategies and to develop new ways of appealing to the market.

Coca-Cola Egypt launches its unified marketing campaign for its products globally under the Taste the feeling Slogan

Also the company’s management team, represented in Mr Amr Mandour the regional manager of Coca-Cola Egypt, Yemen, Libya and South Sudan, and Mr Ahmed Nazmy, the Marketing Director will announce the new strategy and its phases in Egypt in the upcoming period.

About the Coca-Cola Company:

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest producer of soft drinks. It provides more than 500 types of refreshing drinks to its consumers. The company file of Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous brand- includes brand names worth 16 billion US Dollars, such as Coca Diet, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, Vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Georgia, Del Valle. We are the number one providers of soft drinks, instant coffee, juices and juice drinks. The consumers around more than 200 countries enjoy our drinks with a rate of 1.8 billion drinks per day thanks to the world’s largest distribution system.

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