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Coca-Cola brings The World Cup Trophy to Cairo again

Coca Cola is bringing the FIFA World Cup™ back to Egypt this month, and we should all be excited!

Coming back after its last visit in 2013, Football fans can soon get up close and personal with the currently most desired prize in the country.

As famous of a globetrotter as the Olympic torch, although this is actually only its 4th ever global tour, the FIFA World Cup™ is having fun as it travels to over 50 countries this year.

It’s already a historical year for the trophy, who is traveling 126,000 kilometers this year. It had its largest host country tour in history, visiting 91 cities in Russia in 2017, and has visited new countries for the first time such as Cyprus and Sudan.

Soon we’ll be able to enjoy the cup’s presence here in Cairo. As people wait in the inevitable line of excited football fans trying to get a selfie with the trophy, fans can enjoy meeting with other passionate fans to discuss their beloved sport, which is exactly what the whole tour is about.

“Everyone recognizes the significance of the Trophy as a unifying force. We are extremely happy to partner with Coca-Cola once again to bring the Trophy to football fans around the world.” Said FIFA President Gianni Infantine.

The trophy will land on Egyptian soil on March 15 to a variety of activities that FIFA Sponsor, Coca Cola, prepared.


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Posted by Coca-Cola on Friday, March 9, 2018

The activities will provide opportunities for the public to see and take photos with the FIFA World Cup Trophy, as well as underprivileged youth, in addition to media outreach activities for all football fans in Egypt.

Although it is 10 days away, get prepared to see the trophy live with these 3 facts about the FIFA World Cup™.

It’s not the original, that was stolen!

Die-hard FIFA fans may know this, but the average football lover may not know that this is actually not the original FIFA cup.

The original FIFA World Cup was named the Jules Rimet Trophy. In 1970, Brazil won the right to permanently win the trophy after winning the tournament 3 times. (This was previously a FIFA regulation.)

In 1983, the trophy was stolen from the Brazilian Football Confederation headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and never found. Rumor has it that it was melted for its gold.

The new cup, the FIFA World Cup™, was introduced in 1974 after Brazil won ownership of the Jules Rimet Trophy.


Winners may be saddened because they aren’t allowed to keep it

After the theft of the original, FIFA has rightfully been stricter with their trophy. The trophy, even when being hoisted into the air by winning teams, is heavily guarded at all times in order to avoid theft.

For multiple tournaments now, FIFA winners have been saddened as their biggest prize is taken away from them and replaced with gold-plated replicas.

According to new regulations, FIFA does no longer allow anyone to ever win the new trophy permanently. This probably comes from the fact that the new trophy is valued at an estimated 10 million dollars, making it another target for gold-loving thieves.


It will run out of space in 2030

A famous right for FIFA tournament winners, having your country’s name engraved at the bottom of the FIFA World Cup™ is a privilege that not many have been able to do.

Unfortunately, many won’t have a chance since the cup is quickly running out of space at the trophy’s base for names.

According to reports, by the time of the tournament’s 100th birthday in 2030, there will be no more space for new countries to engrave their names upon.

So, will that mean that FIFA will replace the cup? Or will they find a way to prolong its life? We won’t know until it happens.

Did you know about these 3 facts? Let us know in the comments if you know more

Don’t forget, the trophy lands in Cairo on March 15, and will leave on the 17th.

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