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Clubhouse: The New Audio Chat App That Is Trending Over All Social Network Platforms in 2021

We are witnessing the emergence of a new application that has been the trendiest topic these days. People have been talking about a new application called Clubhouse and if you’re thinking “Oh, I’m gonna go download it”, wait for a second, because it’s not that simple.

We will tell you all about Clubhouse and what the future could hold for this application.


What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a brand new application for social networking and it is based on audio chats only. The application was launched in April 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. By December 2020 the application’s value reached nearly 100 million dollars, and on the 21st of January 2021, the app hit one billion dollars.


What Is Clubhouse About?

The application is really simple to use once you sign up, but the trick is in how you sign up.

As we mentioned, the application is based on audio chat; the interface is filled with “Rooms” where you can get in and listen to people chatting.

Each Room has a title of the discussed topic inside, so you can pick whatever interests you; it can be regarding your job, hobbies, or even studies. You can also be part of the discussion and share your opinion.

One feature this application has is deleting the chat after the room ends; FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out)! As it might seem annoying, it actually has a benefit; some of us tend to get bored with a topic even though it is important, this is when this feature plays its role. It will force you to continue listening to the chat because it will all be deleted after.

As this might sound really simple, there is a tricky part; first, it’s for iPhone users only, and second, you can’t just simply sign up; you have to get an invitation. So, if you have a friend, you can ask them to invite you if they haven’t already invited someone because you only get one invite.



Could Clubhouse Benefit Your Work?

The answer is definitely yes! Clubhouse is way more than just voice chatting in a room filled with people.

In fact, these chat rooms can be joined by experts in every possible field you can imagine. You can find experts in marketing, entrepreneurship, and writing and not just experts; you can find celebrities.

In fact, many celebrities have joined the application like Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock, or Ashton Kutcher and recently Elon Musk has given it a push. So, can you imagine getting into a room and listen to a piece of advice from these veterans? Or get into a room and listen to Oprah!

And If you’re into acting, you can possibly get into a room and listen to Ashton Kutcher talk about acting.

In fact, something similar to this already has happened. Elon Musk on the 31st of Jan tweeted that he would be on Clubhouse at 10 pm LA time so people can join and listen to him.

Also, some people already stated that they can earn money from Clubhouse by hosting a room and coaching people.


Clubhouse: Will There Be Updates?

The company stated that they will expand the application to reach the mass soon; but will there be more updates?

The application actually doesn’t have a logo till now, which is unbelievable. So, we’re excited and curious to see which logo they will launch. People actually created videos on TikTok suggesting designs to the application’s logo.

Some people also complained about privacy and how some people could harass others, so a “Report” feature was added.

Also, we can’t help but wonder if they will keep the FOMO feature or chats will be recorded so you can get back to them whenever you want.


What The Future Holds for This Application

The application has gone extremely viral in a matter of few months, so do you think it has a bright future?

What distinguishes this application is that you can have direct communication with anyone and with experts and not by texting, by voice. You have a live discussion that you can be a part of and benefit from in the best way you can; until now, there’s no application that offers this feature.

Clubhouse could actually be one of the biggest social networking platforms, especially in business. Can you imagine what people can do with audio chat? People can even hold events, especially during this time.

The world has many creative minds that will probably bring out the best in this app and use it in the most creative ways.


The Competition is ON

We have to admit that there might be a vicious competition between Clubhouse and other applications.

There are currently two applications that could compete with Clubhouse, Zoom, and Facebook. If you remember, when Zoom went viral during the beginning of COVID-19, Facebook launched a new feature called “Room” that is similar to Zoom.

So, there’s a huge chance that we can see Zoom tries to climb on top again and of course Facebook will never miss this chance of trying to top any application. So, we are about to witness major changes in the applications in the upcoming days.


Share with us your opinion about Clubhouse and if you have used it or not yet.

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