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Catching Your Consumers’ Ears: How Jingles in Advertisements Can Improve Ad Recall

We all have been seeing many adverts that use jingles as a way to promote a new product, service, or offer. This summer we have witnessed a huge amount of adverts that contains jingles, almost every campaign has its own jingle to promote it.

Even though it was overly used this Ramadan, we can’t deny that one of the best ways to grab the audience’s attention is by music!

Adding a jingle to your campaign can be a plus, as it is guaranteed to remain in people’s heads for a long time.

So, today, let’s discuss why jingles are beneficial to your campaign.


It’s An Old Way of Advertising

Using jingles in adverts isn’t a new thing, in fact, it has always been used.

Over the years, we have been seeing many brands promote themselves with jingles. It definitely has developed over the years depending on the popular genres and society’s preferences, but it is still as effective as it was.

The only difference between old adverts and new ones regarding jingles is that now you can see jingles are being depended on more than anytime else.


The Proper Jingle for The Proper Product

Not every product can be promoted with a jingle, and not every jingle can promote a product.

Whether you own a real estate company or any other type of business, you can promote it through a jingle, but you have to pick a proper one.

Over the years, we have been seeing banks, real estate sectors, beverage brands, and even food chains promote themselves through an advert with a jingle, but they all use different genres depending on their target audience and the type of service they provide.

If you’re a real estate brand or a bank, you can’t promote it using a rap song or ‘Maharaganat’; in fact, this might harm the name and reputation.


Why Jingles Attract Customers

Jingles have been proving that they are the best way to remind the audience of your brand.

Almost all people love music, good soundtracks, or a jingle that can immediately grab your attention. So, when a brand uses a catchy tune, it will attract the viewers and it will remain in their minds for a long time.

If you thought about it, you would find yourself remembering adverts’ jingles from the 90s and even 80 because we grew up listening to them repeatedly on TV.

This is one of the main reasons brands promote themselves this way, the audience can remember them forever.


The Power of the Earworm: The Catchiest Advertising Jingles of All Time

The following Ads are proof that you have never forgotten adverts’ jingles. No matter how old these jingles are, we know you remember them.


Egyptian Hard to Forget Ads Jingles

Anyone who watched TV or listened to the radio knows that some product jingles are sticky and refuse to leave your head for days — sometimes even years — after you have heard the ad.


Forming A Brand Customer Relationship By Catching Your Consumers Ears

When you use a jingle in your advert, it can actually form a bond with your customers.

For example, Banque Misr is famous for its jingles, and people have stated multiple times that they are always excited for the new jingle that the bank releases every year in Ramadan. The audience became attached to the bank just because of its adverts and jingles.

Also, it always carries an encouragement to whoever is watching it; its message is another reason to grab the audience’s attention.

This can form a special bond between the brand and its customers as they feel that it’s speaking to them directly; just like this year’s Orange’s advert featuring Hussein Al-Jasmi, it speaks directly to all Egyptians and made them feel special.

Tell us which advert’s jingle is stuck in your head, whether it’s old or new.

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