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Case Study: Real Estate and digital, what kind of content engages?

It’s not new news that digital is a strong contender for reaching massive audiences vs outdoor advertising. This doesn’t stop many brands from putting most of their effort on outdoor billboards and activations while avoiding trying to balance both offline and online marketing.

With the local real estate market heavily saturated, with a recent surge in both demand and supply, it is getting harder for companies to keep up and stay ahead of the game with digital.

Companies that research well, strategize and plan both online and offline to engage audiences are those that are currently doing well above average.

Let’s take Mountain View. The real estate brand has recently been leaning harder towards tactics and content that is meant to engage and gain participation from customers online. It’s refreshing to see a major real estate player focus so intently on engaging rather than the usual sales pushes. Other people seem to enjoy it as well, with the brand receiving positive feedback.

What’s interesting is Mountain View’s growing knowledge and strategic utilization of digital tools and platforms, especially Augmented Reality.

Get a taste of Greek summer

During the Eid vacation, Mountain View burst into the final week of summer with an authentic Greek flavor ignited via their AR filter campaign, #Passthecrown.

The campaign centered around Facebook’s fun AR filter system, one that hasn’t been mastered yet by most. #Passthecrown was Mountain View last summer activation bringing out the big guns for a big end for summer 2018.


AR filters is developed to create interactive, shareable effects that respond to people and their surroundings via Facebook augmented reality.

Mountain View took the initiative to position itself as early adopter to really bring the brand promise and live the Greek experience through the AR filter.

This is a prime example of how the brand has been pushing ahead in the industry through exploration and experimentation.

Engaging Audiences as a Main Goal

Mountain View seems to be working quite hard on pushing the digital abilities of the real estate industry, especially when it comes to engaging its current and future customers.

We can see them hard at work when it comes to their recent activities.

Other than the summer’s Greek AR filter, the brand engaged customers during Ramadan this year with their Fawazeer which earned the brand 70% of the sector’s engagement.

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Mountain View’s switch from the traditional “sales pitch” style of advertising and marketing seems to be working.

The brand’s content also shows the brand’s evolution with handling new digital technologies and tools, and that local real estate brands can use these effectively.


Real Estate and Digital

There are many ways for the real estate industry to join in on the digital revolution, just like Mountain View. Real estate brands have a chance to utilize AR and other digital technologies to their advantage, especially with content.

Real estate marketing is more than a traditional sales funnel in today’s world, it includes brand building and customer engagement as main parts of the funnel.

With an abundant amount of content across the internet and industry, brands must differentiate themselves through different engaging content. Unfortunately, brands haven’t been focusing on engaging through strong content, opting for more simple everyday pieces.

Real estate brands should consider:

  • Facebook/Instagram Live Video Tours while answering real-time questions
  • Blogging non-sales centric posts to build brand and interest, as well as SEO
  • AR Filters and virtual reality content
  • Storytelling focused videos and Facebook/Instagram stories
  • Fun Gifs for Instagram stories
  • Telling stories through different lenses such as emoji, filters, from a pet’s perspective and etc.
  • Real life videos of locations using animated effects to show off interesting points
  • Create games that feature your project’s locations or names as part of the adventure

Keeping your social media engaging requires specific skills which are not the focus of most real estate developers in Egypt at present, most of the developers mainly focus on sales and increasing revenues.

The main point that differentiate Mountain View is creating the balance between using digital platforms for sales and adopting new tactics to engage and build relationship with audience.

Lets keep an eye on Mountain View Facebook and Instagram accounts to see if the magician still got more tricks up their sleeves!

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