Careem brings wheelchair accessible rides to Alexandria with new CSR initiative

Careem continues to position itself as the more “inclusive” ride hailing app as news of their newest initiative make their rounds online. The Dubai based transportation company has always focused on creating accessible and affordable transportation for the everyday people, and their new initiative shines a new light on their focus on accessibility.

Careem has just launched a new awareness campaign and initiative for mobility disabled Egyptians, in order to provide support and improve their current way of life.


The ride hailing app’s main competitive strategy, as far as we can tell, is making various types of vehicles and transportation available across various markets. We could assume that they see wheelchairs as another mode of transportation, and have decided to make it as accessible as possible.

Careem has selected Alexandra as its main location to build awareness on the needs and difficulties of people with motor disability. Working together with Alexandria’s government authorities, Careem was able to support Alexandria’s population of approximately “290,612” people with special needs.

The company built several ramps on sidewalks between pedestrian crossings, as well as special tracks on Mandara beach to allow those on wheelchairs the ability to get close to the water and enjoy the beach. The brand is advocating for the recognition of the people with disabilities’ needs and issues, and how both small and large changes are needed.


To prove their point, the company has also launched their new “Careem Assist” option in the app, currently available only in Alex. The new ride option, beside its Go and Go+, provides a practical solution for many by introducing “wheelchair accessible vehicles” for their passengers.

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People with disabilities in Egypt continue to meet numerous challenges in their everyday lives, including missing or broken ramps, rare pedestrian crossings with stop lights and broken public elevators. The initiative aims to shed a light on some of these challenges.

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