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Go from A to Z and get a freebie this summer! Yalla, let’s go

It’s summer! Everyone is off to their beach and pool getaways as summer vacation picks up and so does the heat. The streets of beach getaways like Sahel are jam-packed with tanned beach lovers. It’s the season that almost everyone loves.

There are so many reasons to love summer.

Not so many new reasons to love brands.

Summer is such a great time for brands to hit the chill button and be a bit more friendly and playful. It’s a time full of fun experiences, experiences that brands can take and have fun with.

This summer, ride-sharing app Careem is adding some green to our sea views and a smile to our faces. The brand picks up the mantle of Summer 2018’s heroic savior with its new Sahel campaign.

Hot Savior

In this heat, walking back and forth from beach to room is more of a hassle than working out for that beach body. Worse is if you’re going from compound to compound in the scorching afternoon sun.

You’ll be glad to have the car, but will the short AC-cooled ride keep you relaxed enough while looking for that impossible parking spot? Whether it’s day or night, Sahel is getting famous for both its foot and car traffic.

So why not grab a Careem instead?

Careem is making its trademark bikes and golf carts available to help out beach goers. You can find the green golf carts at Marassi, Telal, and Hacienda Bay. Shuttle yourself from compound to compound, or even just from beach to room with the app.

It’s even a mini adventure in itself.

It’s fun and will let you cool down while getting you to your destination. The bikes and golf carts also add a bit more of a fun summer flair for riders’ Instagram stories. It’s a quick and enjoyable adventure to add to the summer to-do list.


Freebie Dealer

Careem is giving Sahel visitors some freebie fever, with tons of summer essentials ready for the taking.

If there is one thing that happens often when traveling to the beach, it is how many things we forget to bring with us.

The ride-sharing app is saving us once again with their wide array of summer essentials freebies.

Terrified for your new phone? Grab a free waterproof cellphone baggie, along with a towel to dry it off.

Forgot to bring a beach bag? Careem’s got your back with beach bags and special wet swimsuit bags to separate the two.

Too hot to handle? Give your friends some freebie fans to cool themselves in your presence.

Careem is definitely making the Sahel experience easy this year, and you can catch their freebies at Telalians, Lemon tree, Kiki’s and the Marassi Club House.

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