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Bound By Hearts: An Inspiring Short Film to Show Egypt’s Solidarity with Italy

Egypt's embassy in Rome lit up with Italian flag to show solidarity

In a blink of an eye, the whole world turned upside down ever since the Coronavirus pandemic had spread. We have witnessed major changes happening worldwide and every individual was affected. Since the Coronavirus is a global pandemic, all people around the world went in quarantine to avoid getting infected and almost all countries imposed a curfew.

The country that suffered the most from the rapid spread of the Coronavirus was Italy; it made headlines due to its huge number of COVID-19 confirmed cases and death rates. In the time of crisis, we always see people gather to support each other, and Italy was the one to need it the most. During this time, everyone around the world was praying for Italy and there was a hashtag on the social media platform under the name of #PrayForItaly.

Egypt was also one of the countries that gave help and showed solidarity and support to Italy.

From Egypt to Italy with Love

Egypt has been supporting Italy and has been showing solidarity and sympathy ever since the pandemic had tragically affected it. Our beloved country Egypt had sent Italy Medical aids to help them limit the number of infections.

Medical supplies were not the only way to show support to Italy; Art was also one of the best ways to do so.

In a beautiful short film, Egypt showed solidarity to Italy and its beauty along with the similarities between Italy and Egypt.

“Bound By Hearts”

“Bound by Hearts” or “مرتبطين بالقلوب” is a one-minute short film that was directed and created by Ghada Wali and Wali’s Studio. The film consists of beautiful scenes of Egypt and Italy’s scenery showing the similarities between the two cultures with Ghada’s sister Farah Wali’s VoiceOver.

The short film was featured in one of Italy’s biggest newspapers “il messagero” where it talked about its message.

The film’s main message is showing support and solidarity to Italy and that Egypt and Italy will rise once again through their culture.

Bound by Hearts.

Dedicated to Italy : We are happy to volunteer to work on a short film : ‘bound by hearts’ for the Egyptian Embassy in Italy – Ambasciata Egiziana a Roma. Siamo felici di offrirci volontari per lavorare a un cortometraggio: "legati dai nostri cuori“ per l'ambasciata egiziana in Italia.مبسوطين اننا نتطوع لعمل فيلم قصير: "مرتبطين بالقلوب" للسفارة المصرية في إيطاليا#andratuttobene #walisstudio #egypt #italy #solidarity #covid19 #corona

Posted by Wali’s Studio on Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Wali’s Inspiration to Create The Movie

Ghada Wali is a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Founder of the advertising agency Wali’s Studio and she is the one who worked on the short film.

Wali studied in Italy for a whole year and fell in love with it and its culture and heritage. What Wali noticed and what inspired her is how similar Egypt and Italy are and the greatness both countries share, which was expressed in the video through the lines

“They say that we are bound by the sea. Neighbors in the Mediterranean. Citizens of the same Empire.”

“You shared our science. We shared your art.”

Since we are going through a crisis, she wanted to deliver a message of solidarity and that we are all in this together.


What to know About Ghada Wali

As it was mentioned previously, she is the founder of Wali’s Studio and a graphic designer. She was TED Global Speaker in 2017 and won many awards for her designs including a silver in the International A DESIGN AWARDS, Italy.

She is also the first Egyptian woman ever to join Forbes Europe’s List in the Arts & Immigrants category in 2017 and is also one of the top 50 most influential women in Egypt in 2018. Wali believes that Graphic design can change the world.


We are so proud of the short film and of Wali as she sets a great example for Egyptian women and we loved “Bound By Hearts” as it showed the beauty of both countries.


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