Best Emotive Campaigns That Celebrated Inspiring Egyptian Women

Women are the backbone of everything; step by step the world began to realize that women are the essence of this life.

Over the years and up until this day, women still fight for equality and their rights; until this very day we see many brands and organizations raise awareness on the issues women go through either in work or in society.

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Since today is International Women’s Day, we will remind you of some campaigns that supported women.



In November 2020, PepsiCo Egypt has launched a campaign to support Egyptian female farmers.

The campaign started with a teaser that had everyone talking. Many celebrities posted on their social media their photo next to a woman’s photo asking people if they know who she is and with the hashtag عايشين_بخيرها#

Later, the campaign was revealed that those women are farmers and PepsiCo was launching an initiative to support these female farmers. The goal of this initiative is to provide these women with their needs and knowledge in order to succeed and achieve self-sustain in a challenging environment.[0]=AZWCt2gCacjxpHN1kuIpdULhy8MpX4Qk0kQquQpdWBg-m3LHu41jjIo31w98TdXUMJb6oNNNxps4Wtd7c1VeAB02qUymMvrjF_h6wOrdIwJc1QXa8deza0k_FovlQTYDDAF_tQ9RdvCjOdC9YtVXo5ugbsD0dK-wclhY95ch0dbl-A&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R



Juhayna Cheering Egyptian Mothers

By making you feel better about yourself, Juhayna decided to morally support all Egyptian moms for life-long attachment with Juhayna products throughout the whole motherhood journey. This is exactly how emotional marketing works in corporate communication.

Did you notice that the emotional video ended with announcing the official hashtag for the campaign [شجع _ماما#]?


The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health played a huge role in supporting Egyptian women as it launched a campaign to promote its new initiative.

On the 16th of October 2020, the Ministry of Health launched an initiative was under the name of “Woman’s Health” or in Arabic “صحة المرأة”. The initiative’s goal is to urge women to seek medical consultation as the government and the ministry provided consultation units in certain areas including hospitals.

On the 17th of February 2021, the ministry launched another campaign to promote the same initiative. The campaign took a form of a song by the famous singer Angham, and its goal is to encourage women to seek early consultation.



Activia launched a campaign to urge women to put themselves first.

In 2018, the brand Activia launched a campaign under the name “You First” or انتي_الأول#. The whole campaign was dedicated to women and its goal is urging women to take care of themselves and do more activities to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The brand even collaborated with the famous TV representer Radwa El-Sherbiny to give women tips on how to reduce stress.

The campaign took a form of a song by the singer May Abdelaziz.



Careem launched a campaign to celebrate women and asked people what “Man of the house” means to them.

Careem launched this campaign in 2018 to celebrate Woman’s International Day under the name of #SheDrivesChange. After people were asked what the man of the house means, they were asked what the woman of the house means.

The goal of the campaign that a housewife or woman of the house is everything, she is a wife, a doctor, an engineer, or a CEO.


In April 2018, Careem also released a video that was part of a campaign under the name #YallaLetsGo interviewing female captains. The interview is an encouragement to women and celebrating their courage of being a Careem Captain.


As we mentioned today is Woman’s International Day, some brands already launched their campaigns to celebrate women.




Nestlé has launched a campaign to celebrate women and how they are always up for the challenge.

The video features many successful women including the famous actress Ola Roshdy, Heba Al Sweedy, Founder of Ahl Misr for development, and many more. The video is about describing what women can do and how they can always beat the obstacles they face.


Vodafone and Mo Salah

Vodafone has collaborated with the great footballer Mohamed Salah and his little girl Makka and launched a new campaign.

The campaign is to promote the new initiative to support women who want to achieve their dreams. Vodafone has launched a platform under the name “Fekretek” so women can apply and present their ideas.

On this day we want to celebrate women all over the world and want to tell them this, “You make the whole world a better place”. 

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