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Juhayna Dairy mother’s day advert is embarrassing memory yet extremely emotional

Emotional marketing when implemented right transcends the brand to new heights. One of the most effective emotional marketing is when a brand provokes a happy, pleasurable feeling in its target audience, by elating the consumer’s mood. It subliminally strengthen brand recall, value and consumer’s loyalty.

Nostalgia marketing is a very powerful tactic, as nostalgia is arguably the most overwhelming emotion a person can feel. This is why we participate in #ThrowBackThursday, in just the past 10 days, the hashtag ThrowBackThursday has 18 million impressions on Instagram and Twitter.

Throwback ➤ Juhayna Cheering Egyptian Mothers in Emotional TV Commercial

And social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter keep showing us old memories. Evoking strong emotions and reminiscing about past events, moments and friends.

Juhayna Dairy Mother’s Day nostalgic campaign:

Juhayna Dairy has been cheering Egyptian mothers throughout the years. Powerful, emotional adverts which send the message in an either direct or indirect way, but the common factor is how it makes the customer feel while watching.

This feeling is what the brand is aiming for, the emotional connection between the brand and consumer.

This Mother’s day, Juhayna Dairy has launched a nostalgic, humorous campaign.

Juhayna Dairy advert starts with an emotional stroll through childhood photo album, the mothers get misty-eyed when seeing the old pictures of their sons and daughters but a surprising plot twist is ahead of us.

One specific photo of an at-the-time “cool” outfit appears, and alongside, the now-grown-up sons and daughters emerges dressed in the same outfits.

Elating the mood of the loving mothers, and watching them explain what were they thinking when dressing their kids in that is just too funny.

The advert in just 2 days, was viewed 1.1M times, gained 21K reaction and was shared 19K times.

The 3 minute advert doesn’t once show the brand, but the nostalgic, happy memories has already been associated with Juhayna Dairy.

We think Juhayna Dairy’s campaign will be on of the best campaigns for Mothers’ day 2017. It will be effective because it evokes a positive emotion as well as, it is relevant to the Egyptian consumer and specifically, the decision makers.

Since we all have few outfits which we have no idea what our mothers were thinking when even purchasing them, but we still loved the outfit back then.

Family photo albums are a rather embarrassing evidence of our youth coolness and fashion statements of our adolescent years. Furthermore, Juhayna Dairy mother’s day campaign presents relevant Egyptian mothers’ behaviors, that all Egyptians can relate to.

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