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Bassant Hemida: A Proof of Why Egyptian Brands Should Increase Sports Sponsorships

Sports sponsorship is an effective way of marketing that benefits both the brand and the sports itself. In fact, it has a very positive effect as it can even help improve and develop the sport, which will also reflect the country itself.

Sponsoring a successful athlete or sports team can do wonders to your brand exposure and sales volume. It can make it the center of attention to gain huge popularity, which will attract many people and potential customers.

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A few days ago, we have witnessed a great achievement by the Egyptian female athlete, Bassant Hemida. Hemida won two gold medals in the 200-meter & 100-meter sprints at the Oran Mediterranean games and became the talk of all people and news outlets on social media. This is actually the first time an Egyptian female sprinter wins gold at this contest.

This brings us to our today’s topic, there are some sports in Egypt that need huge recognition and that won’t happen without sponsorships; many athletes are making us all proud in worldwide contests without being sponsored or recognized properly.


The Lack of Non-Football Sports Sponsorship in Egypt

There are sports like football and squash that are being sponsored by huge Egyptian brands but what about the other ones?

For so many years, we have seen many brands sponsoring certain types of sports like Squash and Table Tennis, but Football is the only one that is getting many sponsorships along with its athlete; in fact, some of them actually become ambassadors to certain brands.

There’s no denying that football is the most popular sport in Egypt and most of the big brands are sponsoring the teams, which is a good thing but the question here is, what about the other sports?

There are other sports that don’t have any sponsorships like track and field sports, weightlifting, or fencing. In fact, some brands decide to sponsor when an athlete wins and sometimes this sponsorship doesn’t even last for long!


How Can The Lack Of Sponsors Affects Sports Negatively

Over the years, we have lost many talented athletes due to the lack of sponsorships.

For an athlete or a sport to flourish and bloom, it needs to be sponsored; this is how a country can participate in more contests that are global and achieve more gold medals. When a brand keeps sponsoring an athlete, it helps them become better and develop, which will affect their participation in every contest.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in Egypt, many athletes disappeared and we didn’t witness any more achievements due to the lack of sponsorships, also some decided to play for other teams in other countries just to get the proper sponsorship so they can become more professional.

One thing we hope for is that the gold-winning medalist Basant Hemida gets a proper sponsorship so she can raise Egypt’s name higher.


Bassant Hamed Deserves To Be Sponsored

Bassant Hamed is a huge chance for brands to invest in. The successful Egyptian athlete has become the talk of everyone as she went viral for her achievement; so, if any brand sponsored her, it will earn huge benefits.

Both parties will benefit from this sponsorship, whether it is a big or small brand, it will gain huge exposure and engagement, and since Hemida now is at her highest level of popularity, she will add up to any brand.

Bassant Hemida with her husband after being crowned with gold

Hemida didn’t just grab all of the Egyptians’ attention, but she grabbed the Egyptian King’s as well. Today, Bassant Hemida has published a post on her Instagram account with a screenshot from a message from Mo Salah; the legendary Mohamed Salah AKA The Egyptian King has DM-ed Bassant her on her Instagram account congratulating her for the Gold medals; she called him her role model.



Which Industry Should Sponsor Hemida?

As the athlete represents speed, there are some industries that can be represented by her.

There are many industries that depend on speed as key competitive advantage, such as Home Delivery Apps, Telecom operators, and Automotive brands.

We can imagine one of the prominent telecom companies sponsoring the athlete and collaborating with her on an advert. Also, in a very funny post on Facebook, someone stated that Hemida is actually faster than the car Nissan Sunny; so, it’s very possible to see a car brand collaborates with her.


We hope Bassant is on her way to signing some lucrative contracts right now as she has a very bright future in representing Egypt in global contests.

Share with us which industry you think can sponsor the athlete.

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