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Ramadan 2021: Banque Misr Motivational Marketing For The Fourth Year In a Row

Winner brands do not just focus on the commercial side of things but also make sure that the campaign delivers a unique story with tangible results and will communicate beyond the normal business objectives.

People will appreciate what will add value to their lives. And the winning brands always know how to connect with consumers’ emotions and understanding mindsets.

Throwback  ➤ Talaat Harb Is Back Again To Spread Positivity Through Ramadan Campaign

Banque Misr had surprised us all when it released its advert for Ramadan few days before the holy month starts; it was an unexpected yet lovely surprise.

The advert has gained people’s admiration and even when other brands released their adverts, Banque Misr’s was still one of people’s favorites.

So, today we will discuss what makes the advert a success even though it’s following the same theme as every year.


Mastering The Motivational Theme

For 4 constitutive years Banque Misr has released a song to touch people heart’s and motivate everyone to do more and not to give up while facing life challenges.

The bank has launched its Ramadan campaign for 2021 season under the name of “I’m Possible” and it is as we expected. Banque Misr’s Ramadan campaign is again all about motivation and this year marks the fourth for the same theme.

The bank once again collaborated with the famous singers Mahmoud El Esseily, Diab, and Medhat Saleh and released another song. The song holds the same name as the campaign “I’m Possible”. The campaign’s main goal is to encourage people to follow their dream and that everything is possible.


Decrypting Advertising Key-Messages

While every shot is considered a master scene in which all, or most, of the elements are presented together in harmony to establish the connection with target audiences, here is our shared thoughts on the advert unique visuals.

Covering 100% of Egyptians Social Classes, Genders and Ages

The campaign successfully gathered maximum number of buyer personas to reflect almost every Egyptian.  Egyptian women were an important factor in the advert and the bank highlighter it brilliantly.

In the past time, we have been witnessing many campaigns to support women in society and to support equality. During the advert, we could see how women’s role is highlighted and this is considered to be a response to all of these campaigns.

It is a smart move from the bank to show support to everyone and avoid being biased to show that they’re capable of serving everyone’s needs.


Connecting Past, Present, and Future

Reinforced by Egypt’s legacy you can see the female football players (min 1:55) crowned with the famous royal Pharaoh theme full of positive vibes. The visuals gives you a journey inside the new generations mindset of ambition kids and plans for bright future.

The past is always with us in our memories. It’s not a secret that now all Egyptians are currently proud of our deep history and we uses our rich history to make us remember who we really are and planning to evolvo at both local and global scales.

We’re not going to say much but, honestly, we were just as happy as was everyone else by seeing positive vibes spread on our Ramadan screens again.


Can Advertising Change the World?

In 2019 it was revealed that public trust in advertising had hit a record low of 25%, but fresh research has shown that people in the UK are still relatively positive about the industry’s impact on society.

A study from the Advertising Association (AA) and Credos on UK advertising’s social contribution (which drew responses from over 1,000 members of the British public and the ad industry) has revealed that 46% of adults believe advertising has a positive impact on society.

It’s notable that Banque Misr advert’s idea and theme emphasized its ability to encourage people to make positive changes.

Most people fell in love with the new Banque Misr advert and reflected in the viewership rate for the new song on YouTube and Facebook.

Some people even expressed that the advert has met their need for an annual dose of motivation.

So far, the advert on YouTube has over 9.5 video views and 43K Likes. On Facebook, it has 27.6 million views, 28K shares, 231K Likes, and 12K comments.


Creative Advertising Ideas That Actually Work

This is the fourth year for the bank to release a campaign with the consistent theme; We can’t help but wonder if the bank will change its theme for Ramadan 2022. This is the fourth time the bank launches a campaign that has a song with the same theme and even featuring the same artist.

So, did you love the advert? Or you expected a different idea. 

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