Keeping up with Back to School behaviors & keywords

As the temperature slowly drops to more comfortable levels, parents are starting making the pre-school rounds. As with every year, families are preparing for the new school year, gathering school supplies and preparing children for another year at school.

As most marketers know, consumer behavior changes throughout the season, from summer time to black Fridays. In the case of Black Friday, most businesses encourage their customers to purchase product and services through major discounts.

On the other hand, “Back to School” season cause businesses cater to their consumers by providing product and services useful for parents and children during the beginning or throughout the school year.

During this season, consumers change their search behavior and Yellow Pages Egypt gave us some insight on the things they search on. Here are the most used keywords used.

It’s that time of the year again, school time, which means that you will need to make the round again and gather up school supplies for your children.



Parents search for uniform outlets and/or alternatives for them in various stores, mostly hard to locate one, so maps and branches are the core of the search. These keywords are used about 13,971 times before the start of the school year. Users, mostly, look for specific stores and their locations. Surprisingly, though we can’t specify why, users’ search for socks during this time spikes significantly.


Stationary/School Supplies

With the massive lists of school supplies demanded by the schools these days, stationary store and school supplies are of highest priority for parents at the beginning of every school year. Most users search for stationary stores nearby for easier access of the supplies throughout the year, as well. It seems that users have been veering to smaller businesses, rather than larger corporation, with 9,673 searches before the start of school.


Sportswear/Sporting Equipment

As the school year is about to start, sport activities are a must, causing for parents to search 4,370 times for sportswear and equipment for their children to use. However, this keyword isn’t used as much by most users, mostly athletic family.


Health Products/Supermarkets

On the list of supplies provide by the schools, health product such as wipes, hand sanitizers and even tissue paper are needed to be sent off to the school. Parents have searched for Hypermarkets and local markets 33,651 times before the school year to provide their children with the health products they need.  Users tend to avoid pharmacies for these products as they are a bit more expensive.


Bonus keyword: Travel Agencies

Surprisingly, it seems like most families attempt to use the remaining weeks before the school year starts to squeeze in a family holiday. They look into a quick vacation before stepping into the hassle of school by searching for travel agencies 21,050 times.

To things easier, go to to make getting ready for school a breeze.

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