Amr Diab’s 34 Perfume’s Advert: Launched To Fly Or To Fail?

Whenever there’s controversy, you will find us. This is why today we will be discussing the advert that has been the talk of everyone, Amr Diab’s new advert.

There’s no denying that Amr Diab is an icon but that didn’t stop the advert from being controversial. The advert has been the trendiest topic since the day it was released and we have been watching people’s reaction towards it, and we have to say, there are many different opinions.

We have come across many social media posts talking about the advert; some are making fun while others are just criticizing.

We’ll keep this short and go straight into the topic of why people’s opinions were divided.



Expectations Went Downhill

People expected to see a creative idea and a killer advert but that didn’t happen.

Ever since Amr Diab announced he would be launching his own Eau De Perfume, people were so excited especially when they knew he was in Dubai to shoot the perfume’s advert. Most of his fans were excited and couldn’t wait to see the advert but this excitement went downhill when the advert came out.

Many fans were so disappointed by the idea, the acting, and the concept of the advert. The icon being with 2 girls at the end of the advert was a bit weird to some people. Also, some people actually believe that Diab is shading his ex the actress Dina El Sherbini

The one thing that left people curious is the number 34 and the “1934” tattoo, which turned out to be the birth date of both of his parents.


A Typical Perfume Advert’s Idea

“Wear that Perfume and every girl will fall for you” is every advert’s idea when it comes to promoting a new fragrance.

Over the years, we have seen many perfume brands or body spray brands use this idea in their advert, for example, the brand Axe. Most of these brands’ adverts revolve around a person who suddenly becomes the center of attention and a force of attraction to the opposite sex when they put on the perfume.

This is what Amr Diab’s advert is all about!

Two splashes of his new 34 perfume and women become attracted to him, not because he’s “El Hadaba”, but because he’s wearing that perfume!

Even though the advert has 1.3 million views and became the number one trend on social media, unfortunately, people thought it’s a non-creative and repetitive idea!


Different Reactions, Different Opinions

As much as there were negative opinions, some people actually liked it. People’s opinions were divided, some of them thought that this idea is cliché and that the iconic singer deserved more creativity; some even thought that he was too old for this advert’s idea while others thought it was a good one.

In fact, these two different opinions went viral that some news outlets and TV programs talked about it and about the advert.


Amr Diab’s Controversial Marketing School

This is not the only time Amr Diab has been making headlines for his adverts.

A While back, Pepsi and Diab collaborated and launched an advert, and we’re used to seeing amazing adverts from their collaborations, but the last one wasn’t so good. People liked the idea but the implementation wasn’t the best.

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So, after launching adverts that people admired immediately, the icon has been releasing adverts that raise controversy!

Also, yesterday many people stated that any post that makes fun or criticizes the advert is being reported and others received restrictions from Facebook… Weird, right?


Marketing Checkpoint: Fragrance Adverts Don’t Necessary Depend On Attracting The Opposite Sex

We will list to you some adverts that didn’t include the idea of a person becoming attractive just because they wore the perfume.







In the end, we want to know your opinion, what did you think about the advert?

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