No Game, No Life? 7UP lights up basketball court in Lebanon

Brands have a responsibilities to “give back” to the society they are in, by knowing what they need and taking the initiative to make their lives better. Adapting Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) projects in their missions and plans that reflects their corporate identity and long-term goals.

It is easier to support various causes but choosing few projects that ties back to your brand’s mission will leave a more powerful impact and impression. It is not mandatory for brands to start a CSR plan but here are how powerful a good strategic CSR campaign can benefit brands:

Improves Brand’s Image:

Good planned and executed CSR campaign has the power to improve Brand’s image; studies shows that 55% of the people are willing to pay more for products that are initiated or participating in CSR projects.

Spreads Positive Media Presence:

It is a great way to increase your brand’s presence on social media. It sheds the lights on your brand’s positive efforts in making your community a better place.

Enhance Employees Engagement:

When brands are dedicated to improving their communities, employees feel the value of your work and are more proud to work in the organization. They are more engaging and happy employees almost always equals better output.

7UP Lightening up Basketball Court in Lebanon

PepsiCo newest initiative so far is 7UP Lightening up Basketball Court in Lebanon, as Lebanon faces on average 3-hours of power cut every day, emphasizing how the city comes to a halt because of the power outage, as the Lebanese Basketball League is ongoing now and the fact that Basketball is the most watched and supported sport in Lebanon.

7UP, took the first step in make their community’s lives little better by surprising the basketball players in Beirut, by the first Eco-Basketball court powered by solar energy so when there is a blackout, the game never stops.

By this impressive, innovative initiative, Lebanese basketball players’ game will keep on going when the rest of the city stops.

There is always a way to make someone’s life a little better, and PepsiCo are on their way to spreading light and resonating with us all that light is a gift, we should all help in spreading the gift of light.

PepsiCo Liter of Light Program

PepsiCo, has been spreading the light all over 18 countries with its global initiative “#PepsiChallenge”, Ignite the Light and “Liter of Light” in association with MyShelter Foundation, together they are providing ecologically-sustainable lightning solutions, including nighttime lightning solutions and streetlight solutions, and public lightning solution. Using empty recycled Pepsi/plastic bottles, water and chlorine, Liter of Light creates innovative “bottle lights” – a 55-watt solar bulb, with zero carbon emissions, that refracts sunlight and is powerful enough to light up a home.

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They are lightening up more than 18 countries including; Brazil, India, Kenya, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Pepsi invited Liter of Light to Egypt last Ramadan with this creative commercial, illustrating the journey of the Pepsi bottle. Than later on they presented it to Philippines as part of their Christmas campaign, in this very positive and emotional advert.

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