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Before it’s too late; 7 tips to ensure that you meet deadlines

We’ve all been there; it’s a weekday and tasks are piling up. There are things to do, people to see and talk to, but oh hey! There is this super cool video online, I have got to watch this! And so, there goes your day, merging together with the other days that, simply, other things became more interesting than your task list.

No matter where we are in our lives, procrastination follows. It’s not something you should worry too much about though, everyone goes through those moments, but that doesn’t mean you need to continue doing it.

To defeat avoiding work, here are 7 easy things you could do.


1- Smaller Bites = Better Payoffs

Things can often seem daunting and intimidating, some tasks just seem to always look difficult to accomplish.

Don’t let that stop you though.

Look at your big task or project.

Separate it into tiny goals. From simply emailing or talking to someone to choosing a color scheme, start every project with small to-do items.  These tasks will seem so small, it would be silly to not do it as soon as possible.

This makes it easier to take on and complete the project, as well as making you feel more accomplished whenever you look at your to-do list.


2- It’s Okay to be Uncomfortable

We all get uncomfortable doing certain things, whether you feel anxious talking to your boss or jumping into new projects, and it is completely okay.

Accept that you are uncomfortable, know that you feel uneasy, and then think about why you are doing this.

Many people decide to put aside certain things, in the hopes of doing it later when they stop feeling uncomfortable. Most of the time, we never change our feelings towards things we feel uneasy about.

Accept that you’re uncomfortable, take a deep breathe, and push forward. You’ll find it gets easier over time.


3- Listen, your body is signaling

When you get anxious, or in the mindset to avoid something, your body shows it faster than you can think about it.

When you feel your heart race and your body tensing, breathe and take a step back.

Noticing the signs can help you stop avoiding and procrastination. So, when you notice you’re about to go in search of other things to do, take a step back and think about changing your attitude towards the task.


4- What am I doing right now?

Right now, you’re reading this article, but don’t you have something else to do?

Sometimes, things just get away from us. Time gets away from us.

And for those times, a small jolt can really help us out of the loop.

Put up small notes in your most used and seen places, asking the simple question, “what am I doing right now?” It’ll snap you out of your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat scrolling, and remind you that there are things to be done.

From a sticky note on your desktop (outside or inside on your desktop) to small notes in drawers and random phone-set reminders, this can really help keep you on track when you need it.


5- Why, why, why, the purpose behind it all

When your task is in front of you, crying to be done while your brain tries to escape responsibility, think about “Why.”

“Why do I have to do this again?”

Remember that each small step leads to a bigger goal and accomplishment. That short call may need to a job interview, choosing a color scheme leads to further progress on that big project you are working on, and etc.

So, when you catch yourself looking for a way out and avoid work, just think about the purpose behind your task.

Also, avoid thinking it’s so you get your salary, money doesn’t work as the best incentive, which is why many are still avoiding their work.


6- Act Now!

After you’ve done those other tips to try and keep you on track, act!

Putting anything off for later usually guarantees a difficult time getting into the mood of action. Think of this as your own personal call to action, Act now!


7- Love yourself and be proud, it’s done

We always whine about our procrastinating ways, so don’t forget to give just as much attention to your actual achievements.

With every small task, you have completed something that is close to your goal.

So, whenever you can, take a moment to bask in the glory of a task done!

Reward yourself, and remind yourself that it was a good effort and you can now cross it off your to-do list.

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