6 Tips to Increase Your Productivity During A Heat Wave

Since we’re officially in summer, we’re all struggling with the daily terrible heat wave. In fact, the more the temperature goes up, the more productivity goes down. This is why during the summer we notice that our productivity decreases.

If you find yourself incapable of work during the summer, it is probably because of the too much heat; hot weather can have a negative effect on you as an employee, and most of the time the lack of productivity happens due to the stress that heat causes.

Here’s how heat can affect your performance and productivity.


How Heat Can Affect Productivity

There are many factors that negatively affect productivity; heat is a major one of them.

Hot weather causes stress and lack of focus and it consumes a lot of energy. During a heat wave, a person loses a large amount of body water, which makes the body dehydrated. This can make you feel exhausted even at the beginning of the day, which will impact your work performance, overall productivity, and even your mood.

So, if you struggle with productivity on a hot day, here are some tips that can help you be productive at work.

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1- Don’t Overload Yourself with Work

If you have tasks that can be postponed to the next day, then it is recommended you’d postpone.

Since heat can cause you exhaustion and change your mood, trying to finish all the tasks on the same day will put you under huge stress and will affect your results. Instead of giving the best, you will find yourself working just to get things done.

So, instead, organize your work according to the tasks you have to reduce your work stress.


2- Stay Hydrated

Heat causes dehydration, which will have a huge negative effect on you.

As we mentioned earlier, this can make you suffer from a lack of focus and exhaustion, so you have to keep yourself hydrated. You can do so by always having a cold bottle of water with you everywhere and by eating a lot of fruits that maintain your body water.


3- Freshen Up Every Once in A While

Taking a break every now and then can help with your productivity.

Don’t spend the whole day working as the heat will make you feel tired even if you’re not doing much work. This is why we recommend taking a small break every hour or two to get some fresh air and rest your mind. This will boost your energy a little and make you regain your focus.

You can also wash your face multiple times during the day to help freshen up and cool down your temperature.



4- Organize Your Work Based on The Heat Wave

Keep up with the forecast and choose less stressful tasks on the sweltering days.

Since you will be already stressed from the heat, it is recommended to do small tasks on those days so you won’t make mistakes due to the lack of focus. Therefore, if you know that the upcoming days are hot, organize your tasks accordingly.


5- Ask to Work Remotely

Try to take permission to work remotely on those extremely hot days.

If it is possible or if your company is allowing certain days to work remotely, then use them on the hot days. This will help you with keeping your energy and maintanining the perfect work performance to increase your productivity and perform better.

You can also use this day to even work a bit more to reduce the next day’s work stress.


6- Make Sure Your Office Is Cool

Most companies have air conditioners, so make sure, they’re working properly.

Air conditioners will help you a lot but you have to make sure they’re working properly as some can’t cool down the place as it should be. In this case, you should be reporting to your managers and get it fixed to be able to cope with the heat.


Share with us what you do to beat the summer heat and increase your work productivity.

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