7 Types of Colleagues You Will Meet At The Office Together This Summer

Since we’re officially in summer, we decided to tackle a very important topic and as an employee, you will probably relate to it. This season makes people especially employees change and it shows different sides of them that you’ve never seen.

We have noticed that there are many types of employees during the summer and you probably have met them but you didn’t notice that employees in summer are divided into groups and each group has certain characteristics.

You probably have been through many arguments in the office just because it is summer and the hot weather is affecting everyone’s brain cells.

So, here are some employee types you meet at a workplace.


1- The Grumpy One

This one is always complaining about the weather and always in a bad mood because it is too hot.

You do not want to come near this type once they arrive at the office because they’ll probably ignore you or won’t give you the answer you want because they still can’t get over how it is outside.

Our advice is that you let them literally cool down a little and then start talking to them.



2- The AC Addict

This AC addict turns the office into the North Pole!

The first thing they do when they arrive at the office is turn on the AC and freeze the whole place! This person divides the whole company into two teams, a team enjoys the freezing place and the other just suffers.

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If you tried to switch off the AC or increase the temperature, they will turn into a monster.


3- The Anti-AC

There is an ongoing fight between this type and the AC addict.

This type can’t handle the freezing office and always tries to increase the temperature a little. Sometimes the AC addict allows them and sometimes they just tell them to bring a jacket!

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This struggle is very common in every company and you’re probably one of those two types.


4- The Summer Lover

This one always brags about how summer is a great season just to tease winter lovers.

This is also an ongoing fight as every company has the summer lovers and winter lovers and the summer lovers always express how this weather is better than winter and this is when the arguments emerge.


5- The One Who’s Always Travelling

You probably see those people on social media and wonder how they have the time.

Until now, no one knows how some employees manage to travel most of the summer, but there are always certain employees who you find traveling most of the time in summer.


6- The Unproductive/Lazy One

This employee just doesn’t want to get out of the house in the summer.

They are also similar to the grumpy ones but with less aggressiveness, they just don’t want to do anything because it’s too hot; whenever you ask them to do anything, they’ll look at you as if you’re asking them to rule the world.

Their productivity usually decreases too on extremely hot days because they feel out of energy.


7- The One Who’s Ok With Anything

This type is one of the best as they let you do whatever you want.

You can turn on the AC or turn it off and they wouldn’t care. They won’t get involved with most of the previous arguments because they’re simply okay with anything. They’re quick adapters and won’t make you struggle during your working hours like the other colleagues.


Tell us which type are you and which one of your colleagues belongs to this list.

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