6 Successful Egyptian Campaigns You Will Love Remembering

A successful campaign is the one that goes viral and remains in the minds of people for a long time for its creativity and the awareness it spreads. Over the years, we have witnessed so many brands launching campaigns; some of these campaigns made a huge buzz on social media and achieved a huge success.

We are here to remind you of some of the campaigns that had everyone talking about them and even participate in their social media activity.


1- Orange Featuring Tamer Hosny and Nancy Ajram

Back in Ramadan 2019, Orange launched a campaign that featured the icon Tamer Hosny and the very famous Nancy Ajram. The campaign started with an advert that aired on TV, which included a jingle that went viral and people talked about how much they loved it.

After few days of releasing the advert, Orange started calling its users but instead of hearing the usual recorded voice message, this time it was from Nancy Ajram and Tamer Hosny talking to them about how important doing good deeds, which was the main message of the whole campaign.


Orange customers will be getting surprise phone calls from Nancy Ajram starting today. Once you reply, you will get a…

Posted by Ramadanatics on Sunday, May 12, 2019


2- Cadbury Collaborating with Aliens

In 2018, Cadbury released a huge campaign that created a buzz on social media. Cadbury’s Aliens campaign was a success on both TV and social media; the virality of the campaign made other chocolate brands like TODO and Corona join the campaign on social media, and each brand started to throw shade and tease each other.

أحنا من عابدين يا فضائيين!!#أطلق_السعادة_بزيادة #تودو_هتُظبط

Posted by TODO on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

عابدين منين يا مصريين؟

Posted by Cadbury Dairy Milk on Wednesday, January 17, 2018


3- CocaCola Is Better With…?

CocaCola launched its special campaign “CocaCola is Better With..?” in 2014 and it went viral in a blink of an eye. Everyone on social media was posting a photo of a can with their name on it and whoever didn’t find their name, they designed a special coke can with their name on it; some people even created Facebook pages just to design canes with names on them!


4- McDonald’s Education Campaign

“If It Bothers You, Change it” This was the name of McDonald’s famous campaign back in 2017. The teaser of the campaign included actress Amina Khalil and the rapper Zap Tharwat criticizing the spelling mistakes on the donation box by McDonald’s.

Later on, the campaign was revealed and McDonald’s stated that the purpose of this campaign is to urge people to donate to enhance education in Egypt.


5- 7UP Brings Back Its Old Canes

In 2015 7UP released a special edition of its canes but instead of creating a new design, they brought back designs of old canes. The campaign was released to celebrate 7UP’s 85th anniversary. This was one of the most successful campaigns that had everyone talking about on social media and people started taking photos and collecting the canes with the vintage design.


6- Chipsy Making Millions of Egyptians Smile

Also in 2015, Chipsy launched a campaign to make 90 Million Egyptian smile, and the brand did that by changing the design of the bag adding a smiling face at the top of it and challenged people to take a picture holding the bag in front of their mouth and post it on their social media accounts.

At this time Facebook and Instagram were filled with people’s photos with Chipsy’s bag in front of their mouths.

There are more campaigns to be remembered that left a mark inside our minds. Which campaign do you remember the most other than those?

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