6 Global Ad Campaigns You Will Love Remembering

We can’t deny that adverts leave an impact on us and some of them are so remarkable that they stay in our heads for so long. Some adverts remain alive for a long time due to its powerful message and the awareness they spread, some remain for their creativity in making, and others remain alive because they are part of our childhood.

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Since we covered some Egyptian adverts, we thought about presenting some foreign and global adverts that you probably watched on TV or on social media platforms. These adverts left a huge mark in the advertising and marketing field.


1- Pepsi Ft Michael Jackson

Back in the 80s, Pepsi collaborated with the King of Pop Michael Jackson and released a campaign under the name of “New Generation”. Pepsi used the famous Billie Jean song and changed the lyrics to fit the campaign. This specific advert is so memorable until this very day and every once in a while we find someone sharing it on social media.


2- Thai Life Insurance

Thai Life Insurance is an insurance company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company released an advert in 2014 that was all over social media for how touching it is. The advert delivered a message that one simple kind gesture can change a life.

3- Always

In 2014, Always released a campaign and an advert under the name of #RunLikeAGril. The term “Run Like A Girl” is always related to weakness and can be considered as an insult especially to guys, referring that girls are weak.

In the Advert, Always asked adults and kids of both genders to “Run Like a Girl” and to do other things like a girl would do and the results are what made the advert go viral.

Check the advert below.


4- Pepsi ft Queen and Other Iconic Artists

This is one of the best and successful adverts because it featured so many musical icons. First, the advert’s song is “We Will Rock You” by the iconic band Queen whose band members Brian May and Roger Taylor are featured in the advert.

The song is covered by major artists: Britney Spears, Pink, and Beyonce with a special appearance of Enrique Iglesias.

This commercial had a version that was released in the Arab region and it featured the icon Amr Diab instead of Enrique Iglesias.



5- Volvo ft Van Damme

In 2013 Volvo Trucks collaborated with the great actor Van Damme to test the stability of the trucks. Van Damme did his famous split between the two trucks going in reverse to prove the efficiency and stability of the trucks.


6- Pandora – The Unique Connection

In 2015, the famous jewelry brand Pandora released an advert that went viral on social media and it was under the name of “The Unique Connection”. The advert is an experiment to test the special bond between a mother and her child.

The experiment was to blindfold a number of kids and direct them towards a group of women to see if they can identify their moms out of the group.


Do you recognize any of these adverts? And if you have more, share it with us in the comments.

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