10 Egyptian Adverts From The 90s and The 80s That Are Memorable Till Today

Every one of us grew up watching TV commercials and over the decades we witnessed tons of adverts that got stuck in our heads until we grew up. Every time we watch these commercials, we go back in time to when we were little and remember these good days that remind us of our childhood.

As we grew up, we watched many adverts that left a mark inside us and a wave of nostalgia hit us right away.

We will remind you of some of the adverts that make you go back in time to your beautiful days.


1- Schweppes Secret by Hassan Abdeen

Schweppes is one of the brands that had many adverts that we watched when we were little. The brand collaborated with Hassan Abdeen back then and presented some cool funny adverts.

2- Gersy

This one is a major throwback to all generations up until the 90s. You can’t find someone in his late 20s these days who can’t remember this advert.


3- Covertina Chocolate

This advert remains to this very day widely popular as it was a part of our childhood and almost everyone can memorize its script.


4- El Hanem Ghee

Tarek Nour agency is one of the oldest agencies that created adverts that are still in our heads until now including El Hanem Ghee. This one is promoting El Hanem Ghee and if you don’t remember it then try showing it to your parents, they are guaranteed to remember this advert.




5- Crystal

Crystal is one of the adverts that had us memorizing the lyrics when we were little and you probably sang along with the advert when it used to be on TV and you’re probably singing it right now too.


6- Abdel Reheem Amr

AbdelReheem Amr is one of the major furniture brands back in the 90s and its advert was also one of the most popular ones on TV.


7- Mandolin

As kids, we all fell in love with Mandolin chocolate and its advert. Growing up and watching this advert again, people found out that the model in the advert is the talented actress Yasmine AbdelAziz. Having young celebrities in old adverts is one of the reasons why people tend to rewatch them because they always find out about certain actors or actresses who used to be advertising models.


8- Amigo

Most of the 90s kids owned a pair of Amigo sneakers that used to light up whenever you walk. This advert and those sneakers used to be big back in the 90s and were a huge part of our childhood.


9- Kabnouri

Kabnouri’s advert is also one of the adverts that its jingle was stuck in our heads for a long time and we kept singing it every time we watched the advert.


10- Hearty

Hearty gum is one of the most popular candy back in the 90s; everyone who was born in the 90s remembers it and can even remember its taste and flavors.



Tell us which of these adverts you remember the most and what other adverts you still remember.

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