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5 Social Media / Messenger Platforms We Deeply Miss

Do you remember almost 15 years ago how you surfed the internet? It is guaranteed that we all went through the same internet experience and almost had accounts on the same social media platforms. Also, it is kind of a global experience because almost most people around the world were using the same platforms. Some of these platforms were way before Facebook and were bigger and some of them were as big as Facebook.

So, since nothing can beat nostalgia and how we long for the good old days, we will remind you of some of the old social media platforms. So get ready for a journey that will take you back in time.



MySpace was launched in 2003 by Chris DeWolf and Tom Anderson and it was one of the biggest social media platforms. Some people even preferred it over Facebook when it was first launched.

The website remained active for many years; it had many features that Facebook didn’t have back then, and still don’t have till now. Back in the time, if you had a MySpace account then you’d remember that you can arrange your profile. In other words, You can choose which part of your profile want to appear first, your wall, your music, etc. It was one of the key features the platform provided.

Also, you can actually choose a color for your profile background, a font, and the font’s color. One of the features is that you can add music to your profile so when someone visits your profile can listen to it.

To sum it all up, you almost enjoyed a freewill of customizing your profile the way you want.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. When Facebook started gaining wide popularity, MySpace went downhill. In June 2011, New Corp sold it for 35 million dollars.



Hi5 was another social media platform that was launched in 2004 by Ramu Yalamanchi.

The platform was second to MySpace at this time and it had huge popularity. Later it was sold in 2011 to a social network called Tagged. After some time, a social discovery platform called MeetMe bought both of them for 60 million dollars.



The love we had for MSN was unconditional.

MSN or Windows Live Messenger was not a social media platform like MySpace, it was a messenger platform. Every millennial cared deeply for this messenger and we all had a Hotmail or live email. We all used to get back from school and sign in to chat with our friends.

Most people these days state how much they miss chatting on this messenger. They all keep remembering the “nudge”, the emoticons, and how it viewed the songs you were listening to.

MSN lasted for a while until Facebook and Skype emerged. Both of them crushed MSN and it had to shut down in 2014. It only exists now as a news website and an email powered by Microsoft.



Yahoo messenger was as popular as MSN but it had more features.

Everyone loved this messenger just like MSN; it had the same features but instead of Nudge it was Buzz. The feature that MSN didn’t have was Yahoo music. You can actually listen to songs on the messenger and you were able to choose the music genre you want.



eBuddy was the place that gathered most of the social media platforms and messengers in one place.

It was an application that allows you to sign in to your Yahoo and Hotmail email, along with Facebook and MySpace so you can chat in one place at the same time. You can also use it from your phone or computer. In 2011, reports stated that eBuddy held 100 million downloads.


Which one of these was your favorite and what other platforms do you miss using?

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