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5 secrets of success inspired by Khaled Bichara’s journey

A couple of days ago Egyptians mourned the loss of Khaled Bichara who passed away tragically in a car crash. Facebook timeline was filled with posts sadly announcing the inspiring engineer late death.

The influential entrepreneur was always sharing his tips on how to lead a successful career and on how to run a team. He was what every manager should be.

Khaled Bichara used to set a true example of a great leader and incredible human being. We gathered five lessons from the young Egyptian businessmen to learn from today and make a difference tomorrow.

1- Move first and expand fast

Khaled Bichara is a true example of a pioneer; He founded his first internet company back in the 90s that turned to be LINKdotNET, which was the first internet service provider in Egypt.

The internet company founded by Khaled Bichara was the first in the market to offer internet services and in the early 2000s LINKdotNET helped Egyptians to use the internet more.

The internet company grow into a dragon that focuses mainly on covering wide range of successful sub-projects. LINKdotNET stepped into new areas of investment targeting rapidly growing startups and directed at the Middle East community.

Under Bichara’s management, Link Online owned the following websites: Masrawy, Yalla Kora, Otlob, El3ab, Yalla Bina, Careermideast .com, jawhara .com and arabia .com.

2- Stability is an illusion, take risks

 He also believed in the startup concept, he started his own business even before the startup term went viral and entrepreneurship become a wide used term.

According to his TEDx talk, he was the president and chief operating officer in a huge company that makes 25 billion USD per year, and he quit this position to start his own startup. He told his manager that he wakes up with no passion for this job anymore! He also started LINKdotNET Company with 1 million Egyptian Pounds and later, he sold it for USD 130 million.

3- Passion is the secret to success

Bichara believed that passion is everything you need to be successful in your career life; he once said, “There’s no secret sauce to success”. In one of his TEDx talks, Bichara explained that in order to be successful, you have to find something you love and you’re good at, find a job that will keep you excited most of the day wanting to go to your office; if that feeling ever stopped then you should not continue doing what you are doing.

4- Build a power team

The Egyptian tech-genius also believed in the power of team collaboration; and how you have to find the right formula to structure an effective team.

Bichara’s advise urged every manager to develop a team that can cope with any upcoming changes in the market and can still strive to succeed.

To apply Khaled Bichara’s management style, you have to recognize each member’s value, allow your team members to take risks, receive appreciate, and communicate more information.

5- Give a lot to people

The spontaneous shared emotions on social media by Egypt’s business community about him, shows how Bichara was one of the most respected people in his field.

He was generous enough to be a mentor to many start-ups, without saving any energy as he thinks that entrepreneurship is the best bet for a better economy.

This is what a true leader gets: love, passion, appreciation, commitment, empathy, respect, loyalty and much much more….

Posted by Mary Shoukry on Saturday, February 1, 2020


Bichara was obviously a beloved manager and leader, as many members of his team are deeply saddened and affected by his death. All of those he worked with keep mentioning how great he was, and how he was always helping others, with whatever they need in work.

We are devastated and broken hearted to lose such a pure soul that had a major role in shaping Egypt’s entrepreneurship scene.

We will definitely miss the man who played an effective role in teaching and improving everyone he worked with. We are sending our sincere condolences to his family and friends as they lost a loving father, husband, friend and a role model.

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