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15 Side jobs with zero cost you could start today

A side hustle is defined as a way to make extra money on the side that provides you with flexibility to pursue what you love to do without having to quit your job. Basically, it’s a way to make some extra cash because it’s a difficult life out here.

Men need money for homes to get married, and women need money to get to work and get some delicious food.

Think Marketing is here to help you out. Here are 15 side hustle you could start today.


1. Do what you Love

Start with a simple answer; do what you love.

If you love working out, dieting or being some kind of health advice guru, make it into your side hustle. Personal trainers at home or at small gyms are a great way to get your work out in while getting cash, or at least a free membership.

If you love animals and/or pets, then think about pet sitting or dog walking, maybe even pet grooming. On Leash, a new Dog walking company, is always on the lookout for more dog walkers. Or apply at The Dog’s Network, where they have a list of dog walkers/sitters.

Just take a step back, look at some things you love or would love to do, and go do it! At the very least, you get to have fun while making a bit of money on the side.


2. Translate

Let’s get down to the downright boring yet fulfilling wallet jobs, there will be more down the list.

Starting with translation. For those able to understand more than one language well enough, translation as a side hustle can be lucrative.

There are many companies who are in need of translation skills. From PR companies who need to translate PR releases, or social media marketers who need captions translated, there are various opportunities for someone with or without experience.

All you need is proof that you can do both of the languages needed.

Find jobs by posting your resume to friends, start a website to market yourself, build your LinkedIn, and create a page on Facebook.


3. Manage Projects

With the marvel that is the internet, and app developers who have created online team management apps, there is now a freelance job where you just have to check in once in a while.

Some smaller companies need the extra help in managing their time, or on special projects. This needs a person who isn’t afraid to call and keep calling people to finish their work, even when they won’t answer their phone or emails.

Manage and leverage your LinkedIn, as well as a Facebook page and market yourself. Sending emails to companies such as marketing agencies and startups can help kickstart your new side hustle.


4. Sell your Photos/Designs Online

With major websites for stock photos such as Shutterstock, it is easy to put your photography skills for fast money. The best part about these websites are that photos continue to get sold, even after months of being there, meaning you can get a constant salary without always working.

If you’re more in Graphic design or some other artistic form, sell it online. For graphic designers, look no further than Freepik to join hundreds of designers in their side hustle. Many have also turned this side hustle into fulltime jobs.

For other artistic pursuits, try building a website to sell from, selling on Souq or Jumia, or messaging art galleries to have them sell it for you (for a fee).


5. Blog, Blog, Blog

One of the hardest yet most simple and rewarding side hustles is the king of content, Blogging.

A great way to create and maintain a constant revenue stream, blogging can become a fulltime job with a great salary, for those who know how.

The art of blogging and getting money for it is a long and arduous process, but is one of the more rewarding side hustles.

Get started by contributing to other popular blogs and online magazines, build a resume or start by buying a domain.

Get a steady income from ad revenue (Google AdWords and AdSense are great friends here), money from supporters and even money for writing about brands. It is all about practice, consistency, constant writing and posting and patience.


6. Be your inner Grammar Nazi; editor

Read, review, edit and audit. These four words can help you land some great steady income.

For writers in love with the written word, in any language, this is a side hustle for you.

It’s easy to start, build a list of previous clients and viola. Start off with friends, coworkers and relatives, asking them if they need help.

Build your LinkedIn and your resume/portfolio to get better paying jobs. Apply at universities who have Masters and PHD sections (Many would like someone to look at their thesis and papers before sending it in), leave posters at co-working spaces, and message some web developers to edit web content.

There is an endless amount of work for the very smart grammar Nazi.


7. Teach hundreds at the same time, without being there; online course mentor

Online courses! We’re always looking for them, looking them up and trying to save up for them.

What many of us don’t think about is, why can’t I teach online instead?

This is for those who have been in the field for a while, know secrets and have a deep understanding of a subject. With courses always being bought, you can make a lot of money with one very in-depth and easy to understand course without having to continuously work.

To become an online course mentor, it takes knowledge about the subject, some time to write down and organize topics, and some computer know-how to record the sessions. You can start today by thinking of your topic, and preparing your class notes.

There are multiple places to upload your courses, such as Udemy and the new AlMentor.net.


8. Making the Web; web developer

Creating an online presence is so important now, which means many are looking to create their own websites.

This is a great way to stretch out some coding skills and get money. And for those that aren’t blessed with coding skills? Use your creative eye to build websites on website builders such as Wix and GoDaddy, you can also buy the domains from them.

Start today by creating your own website, some template pages and market yourself.


9. Filling the web; creating a popular website

Speaking of websites, how about building yourself and a niche community one?

Just like with blogging, this would be a long process but that is more fulfilling and almost as good at giving extra income.

Think of website such as 9Gag, it is a self-sufficient money making machine. It focuses mainly on user generated content (people making what they love and sharing it for free), and gets revenue from ads.

If you can think of a way to create a website in which you can create and popularize something, or even provide a unique service like a custom calculator (example), you can earn consistent income.


10. Play Video Games?

Twitch and other streaming sites are dedicated to gaming streams and video, and YouTube holds many gaming tutorials and walkthroughs, so, why can’t we do it too?

With two of YouTube’s biggest and most subscribed channels being gaming related, it isn’t farfetched to believe that gaming can lead to a steady income. In fact, there are many online streamers that make money out of it.

Check out Jesse Cox, Ayoub6669, KhaledQ84Ever /خالد كويت and of course PewDiePie, to see how gaming can make big bucks.

YouTube is free, and Twitch only needs a small fee, then all you need is a camera and a microphone to start gaming and recording today.


11. Consulting

This is a great opportunity for those that are looking to move from a long-time career for a more relaxing from home workhours.

With years of experience and skills, you can retire your 9 to 5 hours for a more relaxing payday. Consultants, depending on the amount of experience, can charge thousands of pounds for workshops or short consultations.

It can also be done through online calling such as Skype and Messenger, or even on the phone.

Start today by emailing companies with your knowledge, let them know who you are. Consulting fees can also be elevated by creating a blog or website, discussing your work and how knowledgeable you are in the field.


12. Computer Coaching

Do you get mad whenever you have to wait for some older person use the computer to help you with your papers? Why not help out?

Many of the older generation continue to not have much of an understanding of the online world, and with some good negotiation skills and a pocket full of Google, you can be on your way to helping them.

This does need a good knowledge of how to use computers, skills and knowledge most of the younger generation already possess. This is a great side hustle or a way to increase allowance for younger teens and adults.

Companies, and the government, still have issues with teaching older workers how to use technology. Now you can step in and help them out, for a fee.


13. Bring your love of food to the table; personal chef online and off

There is a secret booming industry where personal chefs are growing, and then there is a whole new world that recently opened for homemakers and cooking lovers created by startups.

Whether you are a chef or have a passion for cooking, you can use it to your advantage.

You could start your own personal chef business for the weekends, where you cook for families or special dinners, create full menus and cook to your heart’s content.

If you prefer cooking from home, why not join Mumm? This new startup is here to help mothers, and others who love to cook but can’t make an income, find a way to relieve the pressures of the economic problems we all have.


14. Insta-Marketing; Influencer

Have you amassed a large online following on Twitter or Instagram? If you do, then you can go back and re-read number 5 and then continue.

Use your popularity to your advantage, and continue growing your followers through your blog and more of what you already do.

Popular influencers can be approached by brands to become brand ambassadors or even post one thing onto your platform for a fee. This entirely depends on how many followers you have, but the more you have the more you’ll get from these brands.

If you don’t have a following but believe you can make it, then read more on how to start here.


15. Open doors; letting people into your home

Real estate is always a great investment and a great way to receive steady income, but not all of us own a place we can rent out. So, we do the next best thing, rent out a piece of it.

This is for the luckier ones who own their own place.

If you’re comfortable, renting out a room on Airbnb can help with keeping your home and allows you to meet and new from new people. With international fees, you could be making a nice amount of revenue just keeping your home clean.


There you have it, 15 easy to start today side hustles. Would you do any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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