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Zamalek SC and FC Bayern Munich Interfere in White Vs. Red Twitter Engagement

Twitter’s true value is in its engagement. Unless people are engaging with you on Twitter, you’re wasting your time. Twitter Engagement is an important KPI for social media marketers. The 140 Character based micro-blogging website is a competitive playground for brand to show not only its strategic capabilities but also its tactical superiority to demonstrate the success of digital campaigns in conjunction with brand’s activity.

Throwback: Egyptian Sense of Humor Infects Bayern München Social Media

Zamalek SC use nostalgia to help the famous Egyptian club richly represent football content on Twitter. Zamalek SC usually share old news to remind the fans about the old golden days of the Meet Okba based club who won more CAF trophies than any other African team in the Twentieth century and IFFHS gave them the title of World Best Club Team for February 2003.


But FC Bayern Munich the most successful club in German football history [won a record 25 national titles and 17 national cups] wouldn’t pass it easily and replied after 13hrs.

Its not a secret that Zamalek traditional rival Al Ahly jersy is red and they even called the red devils!

Till now it sounds cool reply. However, Beyern Arabic handler forgot that it would not stop here and did not expect a strong comeback from the white knights Social Media handlers to use the same technique yet more proud of the white color and how teams in white can easily kick the red ones.


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Looking to extend your reach to new audiences on Twitter? Twitter engagement is exactly what it sounds like you are opening up a dialog with those who are interested in your niche. It should be a conversation, not a lecture. and the more you can think about intriguing and funny replies, the more your go viral!

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