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YouTube Rewind MENA 2014 : Celebrating what you created, watched and shared

Cairo, Egypt 10 Dec 2014 – 2014 was full of YouTube moments that vaulted into pop culture. In celebration of the people, memes and moments that made up an epic year, here are the top trending videos for 2014, based on views, shares, comments, likes and more. This year, the list represents the amazing variety of creativity brought to YouTube each day, which can include social commentaries, advertisements, and thrilling moments from traditional media and big names on YouTube. Collectively these 10 videos have hundreds of millions of views from creators, with millions of cumulative subscribers. YouTube users watch billions of hours of videos monthly, a rate that increases 50% every year attesting to YouTube’s position as a leading platform with a wide range of videos. YouTube continues to release these lists for the 6th consecutive year based on popular demand from its users.

Check out the YouTube MENA Rewind channel to watch the most trending videos in the region along with other popular videos in the fields of comedy, entertainment, music, advertisements and more! The top 10 trending videos for 2014 were selected based on views, shares, comments, likes and more.

YouTube users watched a wide range of videos that included cultural, entertainment, musical and advertising content. Explore the Pyramids of Giza with Google Maps tops the list of the most trending videos in 2014.

“Boshret Kheir” song ranked second at the list of the most trending videos. On the other hand, advertisements were one of the most popular categories this year, especially Pepsi, Coca Cola World Cup and Telecom Egypt Ads.

In entertainment and shows, the Egyptian satirist, Bassem Youssef, attracted millions of viewers around the Arab World for the third season of his program “Al-Bernamg” that topped the charts on the subscriber leader board for YouTube channels across MENA. The second season of the show “the Voice” is also among the top ten videos.

The number of visits is not the only criteria for the chosen videos, other criteria includes the volume of shares and comments on every video. All these factors are taken into consideration by YouTube for all videos.

Top trending videos for 2014 in MENA region:

To enjoy the top ten videos, you can visit YouTube Rewind channel and watch, share, and like top trending videos. The top ten videos for 2014 are:

  1. Explore Pyramids of Giza with Google Maps

  1. Hussein Al Jassmi – Bushrat Kheir/ حسين الجسمي _ بشرة خير

  1. شيرين – كلي ملكك  Sherine – Koly Melkak

  1. Pepsi and Chipsy Ramadan ad

  1. حسن الشافعي مع ابلة فاهيتا – #مايستهلوشي | Hassan El Shafei ft. Abla Fahita – Mayestahlushi

  1. Coca Cola world cup (Music)

  1. Amr Diab – Ana Mosh Anani/ عمرو دياب _ أنا مش أناني

  1. Telecom Egypt

  1. Al Bernameg Season 3 Episode 3

  1. MBC The Voice Season 2 / الموسم الثاني _ مروة ناجي “موال برضاك”


Saudi Arabia

Balqees ft. Deggo Khbaity
Zayed Saleh
Ismail Mubarak
Bou Hamad in the north pole
Arab Idol  – Khaled Bin Nasr



Burj Khalifa disappears video
Explore Liwa with Google Maps
Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump
Taylor Swift – Shake It off
Omo ad
Du Ad
Frozen – Sing along
Katy Perry  – Dark Horse
Ismail Mubarak
Khaleej Foods

Check out our YouTube Rewind channel for more top videos of the year from around the world. You can also visit next week for Google’s annual look at the people, places and events that captured the world’s attention.

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