YouTube report: How to master Ramadan content?

Ramadan is slowly approaching. The time for lanterns, binge eating and entertainment surfing comes closer with each and every day, and so does the time when companies must put their best foot forward.

Advertising in Ramadan has generally been stuck on TV for many years, with only shifts to online platforms happening recently.

Those shifting to online platforms usually do so due to TV’s price increase during the holy month, which Google states as 2.5x above usual. This also represents “27% of the gross local and Pan-Arab TV expenditure happening in MENA during the holy month.”

Advertisers continue to move from TV to online channels, such as YouTube, because of its cost-effectiveness, user reach and accessibility, and a wider and diverse range of content that is more relevant to most brands.

In order to provide leverage to advertisers of its online video streaming platform, Google has released their 2018 Ramadan guide, which includes a new “WAVE” framework and 5 keys to mastering content in Ramadan.

Here are the highlights…

Organic win; YouTube’s YOY growth, organic views and more

Changes in our TV viewing is extremely common during Ramadan, with ridiculous increases in TV and online video viewing.


Over the last 3 years, Ramadan viewership on YouTube has increased 3x while Tv has stayed mostly the same. According to Google, YouTube content also enjoys a spike in video viewing, but with post-Ramadan peaks up to 2 weeks after.

They state that this provides advertisers with even more time to engage with audiences.

Advertisers can similarly enjoy the benefits of YouTube users watching longer video formats, with a 60% YOY growth. Organic viewership also increases for advertising content.

YouTube’s overall engagement rises during Ramadan, hitting an increase of 57% when it comes to comments, 13% in subscriptions and 11% viewing duration.

On Google’s side, searches on air travel and hotels increase post-Ramadan for EID with an increase of around 20-25%.


WAVE Framework; what metrics to follow and why you should be using Google’s video platform

Within their new guide, Google mentions a new framework named WAVE, which provides readers with reasons, through metrics, as to why you should be using Google’s video platform.

Google writes “measure [the] success of a video campaign by analyzing these four-key metrics,” watch time, audibility, viewability and engagement.

The 5 keys to mastering Ramadan content


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