Your Client Asked You to Create A Campaign? Here’s What to Do First

Launching campaigns is one of the most essential parts of promoting a brand. The purpose of launching campaigns is to raise awareness regarding the brand and to promote its services or products; campaigns are the reasons why brands become popular and they actually can increase their sales.

If you want to be a marketer or a copywriter then you must know that you will be working on many campaigns, and each campaign has its own rules and keys; so, it’s a lot more than just coming up with ideas.

If you’re new to the field, here’s what to do when you’re about to create a campaign.



1- Get a Full and Complete Brief

Many creatives struggle with briefs because they lack details.

This is one of the main issues that face most of the creatives, not getting a clear and complete brief. Briefs are like the beginning of the road, this is what drives ideas into your head and what makes you come up with the concept.

So, in order to start planning or creating your campaign, you must ask for a clear brief, and also, don’t afraid to ask questions to fully understand what exactly the client wants.



2- Create A Draft or A Timeline

Creating a timeline can help you organize your thoughts.

Sometimes when you start planning your campaign, you get to have many thoughts floating in your head, a timeline can help you organize them. Write down in your draft or timeline the steps you will follow to execute the whole campaign.

This will also make you realize the required things in order to start your plan.



3- Who Are You Promoting This For?

Ask yourself who will be using this service or product and who might be interested?

When you answer these two questions, then you figured out who your target audience is! Everything you do for a brand, whether it’s a campaign or a calendar, or promotion on social media, it requires a target audience.

You need to create something that they will understand and relate to, to be able to realize their need for this service or product.




4- Always Think About The Budget

Work according to your budget.

Always put in mind that all of your ideas and their execution depend on the budget. So, you have to know if your client’s budget will allow and if they’re willing to increase it, especially if they always ask for edits or have comments that require a higher budget.

If your client isn’t flexible with their budget, then make sure you stick to it.



5- Use Every Method to Promote Your Campaign

If you want your campaign to go viral, you have to exist everywhere.

There are 3 ways to promote your campaign, digital, TV, and On-ground activation. You have to digitally exist and use all the digital platforms to raise awareness regarding your brand and its product. Using all the 3 methods will gain the brand more recognition and more audience, and you will easily reach your target audience.



6- How To Promote (Keeping In Mind The Brand’s Identity)

There are many factors to depend on when you’re promoting the brand.

Any big campaign requires an advert, whether it will be on just social media platforms or both social media and TV, you have to decide how you will promote through the advert.

There are many factors that can deliver your idea; you can make your advert a jingle-based and a celebrity-based, or you can create a normal advert that ordinary people can relate to it easily.

Eventually, this will also depend on the type of product you’re promoting with the target audience’s segmentation.



Creating a campaign requires patience and creativity, and understanding the brief so you won’t face any troubles with your client. 

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