Ramadan 2018

You think EGBank’s MINT campaign is funny but it should inspire you to succeed

One of the biggest campaigns of 2017’s Ramadan, EGBank’s series of video content on young Raouf was among last year’s top trending campaigns. This was due to the emotional effect of empathy that focused on the under-appreciated and underestimated target audience.

For Ramadan 2018, EGBank come back to create a new youth-centered banking solution, MINT, to help provide specialized services to young adults.


انت محدش بيعملك حساب احنا عملنالك بنك.MINT من EGBANK هيقدملك حلول ذكية تساعدك في الحياة العملية. #EGBANK #MINT

Posted by MINT by EGbank on Friday, May 18, 2018

كلنا بنمر بمواقف مش لطيفة في أول شغل في حياتنا زي أوفة 😀 .. إحكيلنا عن أول شغل في حياتك ؟انت محدش بيعملك حساب احنا عملنالك بنك …MINT من EGBANK هيقدملك حلول ذكية تساعدك في الحياة العملية. إعرف أكتر عن MINT من خلال : goo.gl/ELPhQ3 #EGBANK #MINT

Posted by MINT by EGbank on Saturday, May 19, 2018


Other than providing accounts, for those between 16 and 29, with no minimum opening balance, MINT is prepared to provide various solutions to youth, both banking related and non-banking related..

The website contains a Hub, which will provide courses, workshops and events to both MINT and non-MINT customers although MINT customers will have priority..

The hub’s first few content pieces display the program’s aim of engaging with youth, providing them with useful programs and events meant to develop skills outside the banking sector.

MINT also will be providing a personal banker to help young adults navigate the world of banking, saving and investing.

Incubating the next generation

Earlier this year, EGBank’s MINT partnered with Cairo Angels, one of Egypt’s biggest startup investors, to launch the MINT Incubator.

The incubator is an intensive 3-month program for startups, with the bank’s promises of “no strings attached” and “will not provide debt to the startups enrolled.”

The new incubator will provide startups with tools and mentorship to grow their businesses, as well as giving them a space at EGBank’s own co-working space in Downtown Cairo.

MINT Incubator March highlights

We've had a very eventful month at MINT Incubator! Check out our highlights for March! #MINT_Incubator by #EGBANK

Posted by MINT by EGbank on Monday, April 16, 2018


The program will also use both the bank’s and Cairo Angels’ network of contacts and companies to connect the startups with relevant stakeholders, as well as a demo day in front of some of the biggest investors in the region.

Capitalizing on insights and last year success

When you think of charisma, you might think of trying to make yourself seem super awesome and lovable for others. But the paradoxical secret of charisma is that it’s not about trumpeting your good qualities, but making the other person feel good about himself/herself.

EGBank’s success last year showed just how excited young adults can be when they are finally represented on screen.

The bank’s decision to capitalize on this insight has allowed it to form MINT, building on last year’s success with new content and a new platform, as well as furthering its unique positioning as the youth’s bank.

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