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Because Life is Too Short to Keep Typing, Yellow Pages Made Easy!

Yellow Pages is all about making things easier for their users. Recently adding the integration Uber within their app, they continue to simplify everyday dilemmas, which is why they have made another change.

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Yellow Media, the official publisher of Yellow Pages brands and products in Egypt, have launched a campaign that announced the change of to its brand new URL,

The campaign, ‘Life is too short to continue typing’ and ‘Basatnaha’, is a creative way of announcing the change of the URL, as well as explaining the need for it. They bring forward the concept of ‘Why worry about typing the entire URL, when you can type just four letters?’ .

The change of the URL is to make it easier for users to access their websites on the go, giving them entrée to the database of various categories, such as ATMs, hotels and even cafes to mention a few.

Though it is not a major change, we foresee an impact since most of their users are on the move and in a hurry to find what they are looking for.

The campaign was noticed on their social media, billboard and press platforms for its subtle delivery of their announcement

YP.EG is Egypt’s no.1 digital business directory, with a database of over 375,000 companies nationwide, and with over 5,000,000 searches monthly, continues to improve users’ experience with the Uber integration and now the shorter URL.

Let us know what you think of the move and the campaign. Useless or Useful?

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